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New Music: Papa Chie talks Unity on new song ‘Kupe’

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‘Kupe’ is an Nzema word meaning oneness or unity. The dialect is spoken by a majority of people in the south-western part of Western Region. The meaning of the word forms the crux of fast rising musician, Papa Chie’s latest single.

A born Nzema, Papa Chie revisit his roots, sermonizing on the need for all to be united; to respect one another whiles enjoying the greatness that such unions birth. Produced by collaborator Kayso, ‘Kupe’ features soul singer Ria Boss and afro-neo-soul act Eli.

Kayso abandons the flashy synths and reeving cadences that characterizes dance music for a minimalistic, taut percussion driven sound.  Whereas Papa Chie’s vocals compliment the quasi-aggressive production, Ria Boss’ soothing, duvet-esque vocals spread over the beat. Eli butt in with a neo-soul-tropical vibe, giving the song a deserved riveting aura.

The release of the song, though coincidental, comes a day to ‘Founder’s Day’, a day to honour Kwame Nkrumah, an Nzema boy himself, and also his efforts at promoting the ideals of unity in Ghana.

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