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THE CUTS: EP 02 Vol. 11

THE CUTS is your weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention and think you must hear or see. The music featured aren’t genre specificTHE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY.    


Kula – Don’t Do It

Subs! Subs!! Subs!!! The two versed ‘Don’t Do’ It is full of subliminal shots at people of all shades- self styled social media critics, bullies, corrupt folks and those who engage in vicious political debates respectively. The beat, produced by Timmy (he produced Don’t Blow It) is hip hop in tone; instantly drawing one to nod his head to its rhythms. Kula, on the first verse attack the often displayed facade of many on twitter who ‘disrespect people for 10 retweets’ despite ‘making zero income’ as well as internet bullies. Kula is one of the most talented young artistes around. His versatility is confirmed by his ability to live perfectly within the walls of today’s new pop wave and good old hip-hop. For what makes Kula a favourite his social consciousness: his ability to observe and ran rap commentary on social issues. And on ‘Don’t Do It’, he exhibits that.



Kuvie feat RJZ, $pacely, Kiddblack –Fine Girl

Villain Sounds producer Kuvie steps away from his infectiously mellow and instru clanking productions for a stripped down, fast paced, azonto flavoured beat on ‘Fine Girl’. Featuring RJZ, $pacely and KiddBalck, three of the many prominent upcoming collaborators tipped for greater things, they take turns to express their affection for a ‘fine lady’. The entire song is simply fun – courtesy its body wiggling effect and simple lyrics. ‘I only hope that you can please me/ Covered up but you look so revealing’ fittingly describes the fine girl in question. The chorus could mean anything from her being requested to shake her bum or flex her posterior.


HK – Somebody

We all need to mind our own business. People should be allowed to grow at their own pace. That’s the message singer HK is sending on his song ‘Somebody’. The song’s strength lies in the mellow, soft drum perforated beat and the soothing vocals dripping over the beat. Singing mostly in pidgin, HK reminds us ‘everybody get ein shine’ and that ‘we all, we be somebody’. Sam Sowah, popularly known by his stage name HK, is a Ghanaian Afro-fusion artist and producer. He began doing music in college despite the fact that the ability and enthusiasm for music has for some time, been there since he was young. HK featured on the ‘Acoustic Night Show’ with Berla Mundi on Live 91.9 FM. He has since worked with other artist and producers including Kuvie, in the creation of “Before I Say Yes” by Mimi Elsa. “My inspiration and drive comes from two AVMB’s quotes which says ‘Your mental picture is your actual future’ and ‘Success is Mediocrity'”, he said. “I just want to inspire the world through my music and be a major contributor to the global proliferation of Afro music.” He added in his interview with Berla Mundi on Live FM. Those horns are nothing but heavenly.


PapaChie – Why You Wan Hate?

The message is summed up by the song title. ‘Why You Wan Hate’ admonishes people to stay positive, encourage others to do better rather than adopting a crab in a bucket behaviour. Produced by Kayso, Why You Wan Hate? carries an afro- dance feel, a genre PapaChie is determined to make his own.  And it is inspired by real life events too.


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