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“Gaffaci did that?” Producer accuses Sarkodie of ‘remaking’ his beat on ‘Highest’ Album


Gafacci isn’t enthused with Sarkodie (photo: twitter page)

Three days after releasing his highly anticipated, well received fifth studio album, ‘The Highest’, rapper Sarkodie is taking heat for allegedly remaking an original production for a song on his album.

Gafacci, a producer, and DJ took to twitter to air out his concerns. In a chain of tweets, Gafacci who is also the lead producer/DJ for JOWAA, an Afro-Electronic/Global Bass musical collective, said he composed the beat for ‘All I Want’, yet didn’t earn credit for his work.

The producer has produced songs for the likes of Chase, D-Black, Dee Money, Sarkodie, Ice Prince and many others. He also produced the 2010 BET Freestyle Cypher featuring Ghanaian artistes. The producer expressed his disappointment at Sarkodie’s behaviour, accusing him of pulling ‘a fast one’ on him. He again questioned the moral fortitude of Sarkodie in appealing to bloggers and websites to not share downloadable links on their platforms yet would do same to him.


The phenomenon of producers, especially the upcoming ones accusing some artistes of either not crediting them, paying them or having their work re-sampled by others has gained prominence. Months ago, producer Kuvie publicly accused rapper EL for recreating his beat for his song ‘See You Sometime’.

Although Gafacci says he’s not ‘vexed’ by the issue, his tweet that ‘the lack of integrity is really deep in some GH artiste’, underscores his disappointment.

This things happen to up and coming producers but i never knew how serious it is till @SARKODIE Show me say that fuckery is real.

β€” GAFACCI (@Gafacci) September 10, 2017

But, an audio surfaced online (twitter) of Sarkodie explaining how his collaboration with Praiz on ‘All I Want’, the song originally composed by Gafacci happened in an interview with Antoine Mensah of Live FM days before the accusations of Gafacci.

 ‘…big ups to Amanda (Jisseh) on Hitz FM. She also put me on Praiz as well. And everybody loves Praiz. I think the biggest song he had was ‘Rich and Famous’. The first original beat wasn’t this one (on the album). It was produced by Gafacci. It’s still there. I’m gonna release that one too. But, that was the first instrumentals i sent to him (Praiz). But then, the kicks to it, i had a theme for the album and how it’s supposed to sound. It has to be hard. When you play ‘Certified’, you see the energy. That’s why we changed the kicks’ – Sarkodie speaking with Antoine Mensah, Live FM

Listen to the audio

2 Responses to ““Gaffaci did that?” Producer accuses Sarkodie of ‘remaking’ his beat on ‘Highest’ Album”

  1. shakesduncan

    This shouldn’t take the shine off the album. Good he came out, I feel it’s a personal decision but I also think he should’ve reached out to Sark first before airing it on social media cos apparently, the audio seems to vindicate Sark….

    Either ways, Sark should’ve prolly informed him of his plans for Gaffaci’s beat….

    • CulArtBlog

      the quality of album can’t ruined by this claims. However, I believe Sark should have told him one way or the other. it hurts when you think you’ve created something and realizing someone else is getting credit for it. Then again, we live and learn.


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