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Why they became fans? 6 Sarkodie fans share their story ahead of ‘Highest’ release

Tomorrow is a big day for Sarkodie. And even more huge for his fans. Tomorrow, September 8th is the day his much anticipated fifth studio album, ‘Highest’ will be released. 

An 18 track album produced almost exclusively by Jayso, ‘Highest’ is expected to cement Sarkodie’s legendary status within the music stratosphere. Regarded as the biggest rapper in Ghana since his appearance on the scene in 1998, Sarkodie has solidified his position with each album, single and features.

‘King Sark’ as he’s known, has, across these years, built for himself a catalogue so huge compared to any of his contemporaries. From Ghana Music Awards trophies, to BET Award, and other prestigious accolades, Sarkodie’s name toll louder across Ghana, Africa and the world when African rap music is being spoken about. 

Despite the success of his songs and albums, releasing a new body of work comes with it’s own pressure and uncertainties like how impactful it will be on the culture, and what the critics would say. From all indication, ‘Highest’ may be the most anticipated album of his almost decade long career. 

In our quest to gauge fans anticipation, we asked five Sarkodie fans to share how they became part of ‘Sark Nation’ (his fanbase name), what attracted them to him and what they expect from the album.                                                                       ————————————————-

Name: @Khadinal1

Town/City : Tema

Gender : Male  

It was easy to tell how big Sarkodie would be in the future”                                            

To start it with, I have known and followed Sarkodie right from High school (he was my Senior in school so it helps). It was easy to tell how big Sark would be in future upon listening to his raps way back. Sarkodie has been in the music scene for close to a decade now and yet, it feels he came into the game just a year ago and the reason behind that is his craftiness, dynamism, versatility, good branding and constant learning.                   

”It’s mostly difficult and near impossible to penetrate the boarders of Ghana with music made in the local dialect, Sark defied that odd and won the heart of countless people all over the world with his songs. I don’t even have to talk about the number of features he’s made on both foreign and local artists tracks on regular basis. To sum everything up, Sark is a complete musician and gives people who patronize his songs value for their money. All essential elements that makes a song complete and authentic are imbibed in Sark’s songs-both talking of accurate rhyming, relevant subject, flow, advice, humor and skills. 

Sark is a prolific artiste who always makes his fans enjoy good music constantly unlike other artiste who stay dormant for a longer period before dropping another tune. No wonder Sark’s fan base keeps multiplying with with each day that passes by”.

Twitter Name: @adwoa_sark.

Town/City: Accra

Gender : Female                                                        

I feel special being a Sarkodie fan”

I became sark fan since 2007. His style (his way of rapping) got me attracted to him. Being a Sark is a blessing. I feel it wouldn’t have been the same if I wasn’t his fan. I feel special been a Sark fan. For the album, we expecting more than you can think of. We aiming really high with this album. We not limiting it to only Ghana. Both international and local awards will be won with “The Highest’ Album. We (sarkfans) believe in God and In Sarkodie.’

Twitter Name: @shawnybills.

Town/City: Undisclosed

Gender:  Male              

”Being a Sark fan I can escape my world in the duration of his songs”

I became a Sark in 2007. A friends DJ introduced me to his music. Him rapping about life and being positive attracted me to him. Being a Sark fan means I can escape my world in the duration of his songs. Sarkodie has done than it all when it comes to music. I’m expecting the album to hit platinum.

Name: Prince Young (@PRINCE_SARK1)

Town/City:  Accra

Gender:   Male     

I became a fan of Sarkodie because of his style of rap”

I have been a Sark fan since Kasahari time  but we officially formed a group called #SarkNativesGh as a fanbase for Sark and I’m their PRO. I became a Sarkodie fan because of his style of rap- it was not new in the system but his was different and his story lines. He will rap and make you laugh and punchlines were on point.

Name: Kwesi Brew D’Highest (@KwesiBrew1).

Town/City: Takoradi

Gender : Male                                   

The track that got me to love Sarkodie the more was ‘Life’ featuring Obrafour”

2009  was the year I became a fan. Actually, the first time I saw Sark was on Edem’s ”Keva’ song. But, the track that really got me to love Sark the more was ”LIFE” ft Obrafour. His passion for his works won me over. Identifying as a Sarkodie fan means a lot; the bragging right alone. It’s a huge feeling. As for the album, it’s all the way to the Grammys.

Name: Stanley Edem Adjoda aka Stan Edd (@staneddmusic)

Town/City : Tema

Gender: Male

‘I loved listening to Sarkodie because of how he could tongue-twist and I could hear everything’

I first heard of Sark on Triple M’s song ‘Yawa Boy’, a reply to R2bees ‘Yawa Girl’. But I didn’t pay much attention to it. Till I heard him again on Ayigbe Edem song ‘ You Dey Craze’ (Keva). That’s when I was like wow. Who’s This?! And yeah, a lot of people actually waited for Sarkodie’s line on that song.

I loved listening to Sark because of how he could tongue twist and I still could hear everything. I used not to love  hip hop and the whole rap thing till I started listening Sark. I appreciated Sark’s rap even beofre Jay-Z’s because of the twi and becos I could relate with what Sark usually spoke about. He doesn’t repeat his concepts and his story lines are interesting, funny and easy to relate to. Plus, he’s a Tema boy. I am a musician myself, I sing  and I must say he is one of the guys who has inspired me to actually go in for this music thing. Being a Sark fan is a good thing. He never disappoints and the fact that he makes me win my arguments.

And let’s be honest, Sark is the first rap act to let us understand the whole making music a brand. Before that, it was more of getting fame, money and some baby mamas that’s all. But Sark changed the game. With the album, I’m looking for something out of this world; something more than what we’ve heard. He always has his own pace and the trend he sets. Looking forward for a different sound that will set a new trend. And, he working with Jayso, I know this will be the album of the year.

4 Responses to “Why they became fans? 6 Sarkodie fans share their story ahead of ‘Highest’ release”

  1. Kwame Teddy

    I became a sarkoholic at 2009 after my BECE ,when I saw the baby song ft Mugeez on Tv Africa.His rap was kind of different from the usual suspect Gh style …after that I saw lay away clip and heard of life ft obrafour …after life …I knew everyone matters in life and I ll be important in life one day …He keeps winning all the time and that makes me believe this album will be super super super lit

  2. Yungcyril

    Wow…. The die hardest fan is
    @khadina1 dude wtf you got all these typed out like something you write about a girl you about to marry (no homo)…. Go King sark


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