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Listen To ‘Unlisted’ by POETYK PRYNX

For all millennials, who are fearless, chasing their dreams against all odds‘. An apt descriptive note accompanying ‘Unlisted’, the eight track spoken word EP released by POETYK PRYNX, today.

A young Ghanaian, known for his incredible artistic gifts – he’s a poet, writer, saxophonist, illustrator, graphic designer and a graduate in physics (Electronics Major) – POETYK PRYNX is also an activist, with interest in mental health.

According to him, ‘Unlisted’ is a way of facing his fears and airing some of his struggles with life.

First, to face my fear of putting out mediocre stuff. I’ve always had this fear that my work won’t be good enough. So I decided to challenge myself with it.

Also, the past few months has seen me struggle with life, in terms of all the things I want to do and love and it keeps clashing unfortunately with the things my elders feel is right. And I always come to see that, this struggle of mine is a widespread one, So, I decided to work on this project to throw more light on this struggle, hoping that it reaches (every) young people out there  so they see that they are not alone in the struggle.

On ‘Unlisted’ (which is his debut project), he shares thoughts about the state of the arts, life, chasing dreams and self-love. 

The EP comes four days after ‘Kaleidoscope’, an event held to celebrate his birthday with friends. 

Listen to ‘Unlisted’ here:


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