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FRA! Releases final single ‘Crazy’ before departing VI Music

VISION INSPIRED MUSIC Record Label and label favorites, the contemporary Afro-fusion band FRA! may be parting ways, but they are doing so on a high, with the release of yet another great single. 

‘Crazy’ is the fourth and final single the band has released with the label, to add to ‘Dumsor,’ ‘Ozimzim Party’ and concert favourite ‘Happy Yourself.’ It features one of the most impressive vocalists of the new crop in Ghana, soul singer Maayaa, of ‘You’ and ‘Limbo’ fame.

 ‘Crazy’ is a simple tale of the many vagaries of love, and how despite its attendant issues, it keeps two lovers constantly crazy about each other. Maayaa’s love interest in this case is FRA! Drummer Joshua ‘Virgen’ Boateng, and with predominantly pidgin lyrics and their vocals on live instrumentation that crescendos beautifully to a marvellous climax, it is a song for your classic collection. 

‘Crazy’ is produced by Reynolds TheGentleMan and FRA!, and mixed by Qube. It is available on SoundCloud and will be on digital stores in the shortest possible time. 

For further updates and information kindly visit the pages @officialvimusic or @thebandfra.   

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