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THE CUTS: EP 02 Vol. 8

THE CUTS is your weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention and think you must hear or see. The music featured aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY.                                                                            ——————————————————–

M.anifest feat Mi Casa – Be My Woman
M.anifest seems to be strengthening ties with South Africa as a country and her artistes in recent times. And the reason isn’t far-fetched (it’s all about economics).  With the rise in brand comes the need to enter new markets and no music market in Africa comes bigger than South Africa –if we are talking about the existence of a formidable music industry.  From shooting videos in South Africa to featuring her artistes like HHP (on Jigga) and ProVerbs, M.Dot recently featured South African vocalist Nomisupasta on ‘’Cupid’s Crooked Bow’’ off his “No Where Cool” LP. 

On his new single ‘Be My Woman’, M.anifest drafts the three-man music collective Mi Casa. In this video, viewers are given a snapshot into the daily life of Humeleng SOLAR Modise (the crush he wants as his woman) from when she wakes up in the morning through to her yoga session to when she takes her bath to when she picks her clothes and steps out.  In the end, we see she’s indeed his. The song carries an unmistakable house music vibe (those superlative guitar chimes). One major classic song kept ringing in my ears listening to “Be My Woman”: Paul Simon’s ‘Diamonds On The Sole of Her Shoes’. Drafting Mi Casa on this song is indeed a smart move. They indeed spread that soulful magic over it. 

Reynolds TheGentleman– Ole

Need to say this: the video for “Ole” emit a stronger sense of loss that matches those heard on the audio. There are moments in the video where you feel such strong sense of sadness for Reynolds, and wish you could call Adomaa to forgo everything and take him back. The sadness in his voice isn’t as painful as the emotions across his face when singing those burning lyrics. The greyish tone of the entire video, the almost empty room, the painful strumming of the guitar chords and those crushing waves towards the end of the video as captured by the video director Ben Bold, sum up the feeling of hurt engulfing Reynolds, who interestingly remained a gentleman despite the chaos within.

Fuse ODG – No Daylight

‘No Daylight’ is a summer hit without a doubt. From its fast paced rhythms to its afro dance vibe, this Killbeatz produced, Fuse ODG song has everything to love about it. ‘No Daylight’ is a song that fit every occasion: gym sessions, raves, carnival. Its afro dance vibe (popularly called kolomashie in Ghana) hands it a joyous and vibrant outlook as expressed in the video- the well-choreographed dance moves by dancers of various creed and ages. I must admit that, I’ve never heard many afro dance tunes with so many lyrics like ‘No Daylight’. It’s becoming apparent that Fuse ODG’s list of big records as seen with “Azonto” and ‘Antenna” and “Million Pound Girl” (Badder Than Bad) is growing. “No Daylight” is definitely making that list. It could even surpass them in terms of global reach. 

B4Bonah feat King Promise – Girl

Don’t let your wave die!! That’s exactly the life B4Bonah is living, musically. Having caught attention with his hit single “Dear God”, which has since received two official remixes, dropping another banger is the smartest thing to do. “Girl” seems to be another song destined to propel him further. What’s highly impressive about the video is the choice of location for the video- The Tema Harbour. Apart from Kojo Antwi who shot a video at the docks for “Bra”, not many artistes/directors have done it. For choosing such a spot, David Nichol-Sey and his scouts deserve thumbs up. Don’t be surprised to see other artistes/video directors creating something at the docks soon. B4bonah is among a legion of new artistes pushing the envelope with their music. Putting another promising (pun) act, King Promise on ‘Girl’ wasn’t a mistak-King Promise is receiving tones of love lately. If there’s something I love about King Promise more than his singing, it’s his dance moves. Goodness!! 


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