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THE CUTS : EP 02 Vol. 8

                   Ko-Jo Cue: Me Dat

Banging hip hop beats. Great delivery. Well measured boast. All these embalm the new single from Ko-Jo Cue. The BBnZ artiste has, for a while, been swinging from activeness (drop a tune or verse on a feature) to inactiveness (silence). The clamour for a new tape from YDL (Cue’s other moniker) has been on, but, Cue isn’t really bent on dropping any material soon, it seems. 

As he explained in an interview with BeatPhreak, he’s taking his time to create music he truly want to make. The pressure from fans won’t sway him. ‘Me Dat’ could be the precursor to a project from him. It could be just a single to assure fans he’s still here. ‘Now, I may not have a million dollars sitting in the bank but I surely feel like it’, Ko-Jo Cue opens his verse on this Sam 1 produced single. 

Reynolds (The Gentleman) – Ole

When I saw the tweet announcing “Ole”, I was expecting a pop song (that’s the kind of songs I’ve associated Reynolds with). Not only has ‘Ole’ influenced a mind change, it has introduced another side of Reynolds- his versatility and ability to hit notes pretty well. “Ole” is a ballad about a lost lover. The vulnerability and the ache associated with such a loss is present in the song. Reynolds, who doubles as the in-house producer for VI (Vision Inspired) Music, has moved from the third to the second spot on my artiste roaster for his label. The songwriting is beautiful, emotive and poetic as evidenced by this lyric: ‘The night was cold and my night stood still/ The minute she said that our love wasn’t real/ A tortured mind and a lonely face/ I’m fading away in this empty space‘.

Kuvie – Updated Catalogue

Music producer, Kuvie’s production catalogue is a tall one (if you compare it to his active years as a producer). Having worked with some of the biggest artistes around and releasing his own works, Kuvie shared link to his updated SoundCloud page. From old songs such as “Awo’a” to self produced songs like “Deep” and Joey B’s “Chorkor Special” (from the Darryl EP), the 32 tracks with a running time of 2:30:13 minutes is for everyone’s enjoyment. 

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