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Video Review: Darkovibes – Tomorrow

It’s always a tricky situation for new artistes after breaking into the mainstream music scene. There is the pressure to prove their breakthrough isn’t a fluke (their new releases must be as hot as the one that won them attention). This pressure from such expectation could sink a new artist. 
But for Darkovibes, the pressure or expectations are not weighing on him. Following the release of his classic (yes I said it) single ‘Tomorrow’, the perioxide hair artiste has sustained his modest fame through features and respect number of performances. As @stingg_ of Harmattan Rain said in a tweet, is ‘unwise’ to invite Darkovibes to your gig since he’ll out-perform everyone.

Few days ago, he released his long-awaited video for the most notable song from his catalog: Tomorrow. The gorgeousness of ‘Tomorrow’ translate into it’s visuals. The video reflect the theme of the song- his lover being his buddy and confidant.
Babs Direction (the director) had Darkovibes and his lover on a date at a waterfall with them doing what lovers comfortable with each other do- the swim, the walks, hugs, ass grabbing. The visual, shot in black and white carries an excellently chromed tone (the outstanding thing about the video). The scenic view of the waterfall and the capture of the running water add significantly to the overall warmth of the video.

Was Darkovibes having a seizure or was feeling cold towards the end of the video as he laid in the water? (I know, acting but it’s kinda funny in a way).

Watch the video for Tomorrow below.

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