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Fancy Gadam played himself on ‘Total Cheat’: A funny look at this summer hit song.


Fancy Gadam and Sarkodie on the ‘Total Cheat’  video shoot. photo from his twitter page 

If the use of ‘summer’ got you raising your eyebrows, then, you don’t know what time it is (no apologies to Sarkodie). Summer has entered our weather season lexicon courtesy the abrokyire people (the diasporans, returnees mostly). And even though it’s mostly hot in this part of our world, we can’t  ignore the use of the term- summer too!

Now that we’ve settled that ‘summer’ confusion, let’s talk about Fancy Gadam. Ever since his ‘coup’ at the 2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards- where he won the award for New Artiste of the Year against all odds- he is proving why he deserved that accolade.

We all saw the viral video of his triumphant return to Tamale after his win. The crowd that came to meet him was similar to a Roman emperor returning from a victorious conquest. The artiste who can rival that crowd is Shatta Wale, arguably. Fancy Gadam and Macassio seems to be the two biggest pop artistes from the northern part of the country making waves. The Northern region has some incredible talents who are respected and regarded in their ‘homeland’. Unfortunately, their music barely permeates the southern market.

Atongo Zimba, King Ayisoba got noticed off the back of their traditional brand of music music they made. Sheriffa Gunu hasn’t really stamped her name within the pop music arena. Wiyaala is another ‘northern star’ presently making huge waves. Fancy Gadam and Macassio are now rearing their head very strongly. If you want to know more about the art scene in the Northern part of the country, @wunpini_fm  has the juice. Her blog, savannahlifestyle.org is a curating pot.

Back to the topic, Fancy Gadam has released a mega hit. His latest outing ‘Total Cheat’ is a jam. With production from the award winning Killbeatz and a feature from Sarkodie, ‘Total Cheat’, with its catchy afropop aura, gripping melody, simple hook and the bounce is a radio formatted jam. And it’s unsurprising to hear many radio stations locking it in their playlist. The song has an impressive video to match. The David Nicol-Sey directed video received the ‘DNS’ (Nicol’s initials by the way) treatment: glossy, great use of light, fashion(nable), well edited.

The song and its lyrics is where my attention lies. For those who haven’t heard the song, Fancy Gadam details the cheating and deceptive ways of his lover (I’ll come to that soon). First, the song title- Total Cheat- sounds like a Ghallywood movie title. It tells you exactly what to expect without watching the movie. Same applies to the song. One can easily deduce what Fancy is going to whine about.

Then the lyrics come in and there you realize who Fancy really is. Yes, men lie, women lie too. Men cheat, women cheat as well. But to be cheated on or be deceived in more ways that one is an absolute heartbreaking shit (strike through thing). Based on the chorus alone, you sense it’s not a fancy (all pun intended) situation. ‘She be born one virgin/ born two virgin/ born three virgin/she be born four virgin’, he sings with a tone of shock, not the pain in his voice. This hook leaves me with so many questions.

Unless Fancy Gadam was in a long distance relationship, it should be possible to figure out if a girl you are seriously dating has kid(s). Of course, one could hide the fact that they have a child for fear of losing the person they love. However, it would be such a strange tale for a ‘born four’ (single mother with four kids) to hide such truth for a long while. Fancy Gadam expressing shock about this means he’s not diligent- an unacceptable trait to have in these times. He’s the type of guy who loses his reasoning abilities in the face of love. Love being a drug playing out right there.

Another question: how can you date someone without seeing her actual face? Unless she’s Arya Stark who can wear someone’s face. I must admit, make-ups do wonders. The makeup artistes are the real devils of our time. It’s a jaw dropping moment each time I see a video of how they transform some ‘ordinary’ looking ladies into stunning damsels. It’s ridiculously unbelievable.

Why be say I marry you beautiful/ Next day and you are ugly

But, at a point, one would definitely see her ‘real face’. You’ll definitely visit her home. Go out on a swim date or have her sleep over at least once. Being shocked at seeing her face a day after your marriage confirms my suspicion that Fancy Gadam was in a long distant (online) relationship; the reason he never got the opportunity to see her in the physical, take her out on a date, never indulged in sleepovers or got to know her family or her friends. In my opinion, only online dating could bring about such a wrong choice in a relationship.

Based off this misfortune that befell him, one could clearly say Fancy Gadam wasn’t smart enough. He allowed himself to be played big time. He allowed love to blind him totally. For his lack of smartness, he deserved to be cheated on. He obviously didn’t pay heed to Daddy Lumba’s famous advice that ‘mbaa bi y3 dangerous’. (Some girls are dangerous). Fancy Gadam cheated himself.

2 Responses to “Fancy Gadam played himself on ‘Total Cheat’: A funny look at this summer hit song.”

  1. Papi

    Dude.. ugly over there is not referring to facial appearance.. it talks of the lifestyle.. if you watch the music video well you’ll understand.


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