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More Branches speak with UK based Nigerian rapper Fasina

Richard Ogundiya talks to UK based Nigerian rapper Fasina about his music, style and his hopes for the African youth for More Branches

For you Fasina, has music always been your thing? Or did you just jump on it along the way?

I’ve always been into music for as long as I can remember. I was always making bars from young days, the culture in south east (all parts of London tbh) was that guys kinda just spat bars all the time. My friends and I would form a circle and spit quick 8 or 16 bars. It was sick.

Oh, wow. What was the influence? Who did you listen to to while growing up?

That’s hella general. I listen/listened to a lot while growing up, I’d say the artists that have a major influence on me are Fela, Coldplay, Biggie, Eminem, Tyler, The Creator, Giggs, Sinatra, Sade Adu to mention a few. Growing up I listened to a lot of like Eminem, Biggie, Giggs. I probably shouldn’t have been listening to them during my young age but I was drawn to their persona.

Timing is everything, everyone is being recognised, all just for different reasons. If you’re average in your works, you’d receive average reception. 

Truth is, there’s still a fight for Africa’s new generation creatives as regards awareness, what are your hopes for the future ?

I don’t know, I feel like there’s a lot of mediocrity out there that’s being tolerated and promoted so I just kinda stick to my own people and make GOOD music. The current artists at the moment that I support and hold dear are legit visionaries who inspire me daily. Not even just the music but the creativity-the time put in for their cover arts/ pictures. Some guys I’ve met on twitter I legit hold in such high regard not just from their work, anyone can make good music, anyone can take great pictures. It’s just the drive and story behind it. The way in which they strike their differences makes them as good as they are now. If I mention names, I’d be here all day. Timing is everything. Everyone is being recognized, all for different reasons. If you’re average in your works, you’d receive avergae reception. But as for me, the plan is just to keep doing what I’m doing now,  progress from it. I’m in this for the long run.

Yesssss, I’m so happy to hear this! You’d agree with me that there’s this synergy between creatives here in Nigeria or Africa at large and those over in the U.K. Can you explain it?

Yeah of course. In the UK, especially London where I’m from, there’s a HUGE Afro-Brit community here as well as Caribbean, hence why you have the Nottinghill Carnival etc. So like in music, fashion, art in general, there’s a connection between us and the homeland. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience both worlds and it’s sick to see whats happening presently.

Being from the UK and obviously very much from Nigeria, I feel like with music I kinda have a duty to draw that connection from the homeland over here. It’s evident with my sound. Africa means the world to me and I’m just letting the world know.

I’ve to agree, there’s so much good stuff happening at the same time and it’s pretty awesome for us as a people, it’s a path to a whole new Africa that we should all be excited about. Now let’s talk about more music; Adara, 5 star (my anthem for days!). What inspires you to do this kind of music? You’re unique, I must add.

A lot of things inspire the music-experiences majorly. I kinda explained 5 star on Femi’s Reprezent interview (it’s on her SoundCloud page if anyone wants to like find out what drove it). But yeah, like most artists I guess my experiences drive the music. And thank you so much bro!

I’m definitely going to look for it! Where do you see your creative space/power in the next few years?

No idea but I’m looking to be one of the legends. Like GREAT. Still don’t know how it’s gonna happen but it’s gonna happen.

Definitely going to happen man! I must say, it’s been really nice vibing with you. I mean, I’ve seen another side of Fasina and it’s great. Lastly, what’s your advice to Africa’s youth?

My advice for the youth? Just keep positive, stay happy and be radical. The industry is changing a lot and it’s for the better, things are handled differently than before & you can kinda do things yourself without having to give into the powers that be. Stay true to yourself and  just remain cool man. I’m really digging Waffles & Cream by the way . Those guys are amazing. I can’t wait to get to lagos and tell them that personally.

This indeed, is the truth for the African boy and girl. I’m so glad you’ve been watching, they had a skate jam few weeks ago and it was amazing!! We really can’t wait to have you in Lagos 5 star guy. 

Yeah I know I’ve been on social media observing the whole thing. Love it. And I also can’t wait to there!

Interview Conducted by Richard Ogundiya.

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