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No Excuses, Solutions Only: A case for documentation and networking in arts promotion

No excuses, solutions only.

Watching all around, I don’t see enough documentation being done. It’s a fucking revolution happening out your way. Nah, it’s all happening right on your phone, and you just gonna ignore that ? Then what are you going to stand for? Some watered-down, stepped-on version of the truth?

Youthfulness is your strongest weapon. Only we can move fast and break things.

So why not break boundaries. We’ve been creating for too long, making shit pop at our ends for too long. Putting into consideration how the greats before us have set out to conquer and write their tales in our hearts. How men have done the most so we could sit in our high rise building of super comfort and sleep in our rooms of top relaxations.

I believe the past must be taken into consideration, well examined and tested to decide the future. We all are artists; artists of our own lives and destiny. Since every endeavor is in fact an art form.

We can’t stop. If we don’t stop we’ll change everything. We’ll rewrite our story, we’ll make history together. There’s a dire need for networking and bonding amongst us. I just want to see us move the culture, move ourselves, move the new age into creation.

I say everybody starts creating, create your shit, we’ve all seen the old way of doing things. We don’t want that, so we create our way. Fear of the unknown is a prevailing factor, but we don’t stop for that. The unknown eventually becomes the known and ends up the routine.

Take notice of the revolution happening right beside you. Take not a laid-back approach towards this era. It’s the new age. Ain’t nothing new going to come easy. We have to make new ways of going about things. New ways of assessing success.

No excuses, solutions only.

There’s a war outside, the war to take back our pride. The war to find success here. To everyone finding and making solutions, no matter how small or big. Please don’t stop! 

You’re motivation to the rest of us. Let’s say we made it against all odds. We made it right out of Africa.

Written By Akinola Oduwole.

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