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Throwback: Reggie Rockstone feat K.K.Fosu – AH

First of all, RIP to Suzzi Williams. 
Pain is sometimes good. It serves as the fireball that ultimately light up our creativity. The inspiration born out of pain inspire creativity, some of them epic. Some of these creations outlive us and become prized works or masterpieces. From the depth of pain, genuises are sometimes birthed.

Reggie Rockstone may pass as a genius to some. An idol, a trendsetter to others. His title as the ‘Grand Papa’ of hiplife is however, uncontestable. Since 1994, when he kick started this moment called ‘hiplife’, Reggie Rockstone has churned out many hits. His catalog is there for everyone to see. But, none of his songs broke out, majorly on the international scene until ‘AH’ was released (if awards is the gauge-o-metre).

‘AH’ was off his penultimate album ‘Last Show’ released in 2004 (‘Reggiestration’ was his last album before retiring). This song and it’s accompanying video won Reggie Rockstone his first international accolade. ‘AH’ was voted the best video at the now defunct KORA Awards ceremony in 2004. ‘AH’ is an exclamation used to connote pain. 

‘AH’ was, after it release, rumoured to have been inspired by real events in Reggie’s life. He had divorced his wife at that time and the story was that, the divorce was due to the infidelity of his ex-wife. 

Reggie however, refused to confirm the story around that time until in February, 2016. Speaking to Kofi Laing on the ‘Late Night Express’ on Joy FM, Reggie stated the facts behind the song.

Most music that I make (are) via inspiration, this song (AH) is from a real life experience. One of my best friends was sleeping with my first wife and I didn’t know. She ain’t my wife anymore. I found a new good wife. No disrespect to my first wife, I will never disrespect her because God works in mysterious ways, perhaps I wasn’t supposed to be with you” – myjoyonline.com

In the song, Reggie narrated the bond of friendship that existed between his friend and himself- how he shared his provisions and lend him his shoes back at school’; how he trusted his friend to even let him spend time with his wife and how he ignored the tales of their secret affair from other friends.


The video captured the spirit of the song. Directed by Abraham Ohene-Djan of OM Studios (now Ohene Media), the it narrated, fictionally, how Reggie found out about the infidelity of his ex-wife. With K.K. Fosu (featured on the song) and playing the role of his friend and the late actress, Suzi Williams (RIP) as his wife, Abraham Ohene-Djan created a cinematic music video. 

The evidence of infidelity came by way of K.K. Fosu leaving behind a socks in his (Reggie’s) bed. Earlier, Reggie had seen K.K. Fosu leaving the house without one of his socks. 

There were cameos by Promzy (formerly of ‘VIP’) and D-Black (as Chuck One, who called Reggie to tell him about the fling his wife was having with his friend. Check 4mins mark). At the end of the video, Reggie Rockstone showed K.K. Fosu the piece of evidence that led to his ‘arrest’- the socks.

‘AH’ was an emotional song. One can only imagine​ the struggle Reggie Rockstone went through in deciding to make this record. It’s often not easy to sell your personal issues, especially one that bothers on your marriage to the public in such fashion. At the end, the public heard a confessional tale from one of the revered figures in rap music. 

That decision also earned him an international accolade: the prestigious KORA Award; and engraved his name in the annals of history. Sometimes, the prettest of things come out of coldest events in our lives. 

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