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THE CUTS: EP 02 Vol. 4

THE CUTS is your weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention and think you must hear or see. The music featured aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY


Ria Boss – Golden

Ria Boss is a sensational singer and artistic impressario. Not only was her EP ‘Finding Your Free’ a brilliant collection of soulful ballads that flicks with refreshing elixir, her artistic qualities diverge from what is the norm. ‘Golden’, the first track from her EP receives a visual treatment. With Amartei Armar behind the directors camera, the video draws on a very important part of our history as Ghanaians and Africans: Slavery. Ria Boss, with chains around her neck and legs, sings about breaking the shackles that hold one back. ‘Just let go of how the past hurt your heart/Try to grow from where the ashes burned’, she sings. The video was shot in a slave dungeon where the darkness of the place was lighted by a series of candles. Radiant, alluring and golden (pun intended); that’s what the video for Golden evokes. ‘It’s on you/do you wanna be foolish in love?’, she ask on the chorus.

Dadie Opanka – Wedding Car

Dadie Opanka is one of those highly regarded rappers within the ‘underground’ circles. Like a flash of lightening, he has occasionally flashed across the mainstream sky. The fortunes of the Tema based rapper may change thanks to his wedding themed love song, ‘Wedding Car’. This afopop, danceable song is a far departure from his trademark- rap with saturated punchlines. The light-heartedness of ‘Wedding Car’ is reflected in the humor sprinkled video. Opanka proposes to a lady in the video. The humorous part is seen during the marriage ceremony and his unveiling of his wedding car-a worn out, dirty looking pick-up with a weak engine. With the necessary push, ‘Wedding Car’ could become a jam and Opanka’s balloon to fame. PS: Did anyone see the magic a waved car key did on the future mother-in-law (Amanda Jisseh)? 

EFYA- Until The Dawn

Afro-dancehall rhythms​ with root-rock reggae guitar chops from Maleek Berry’s production boards is what EFYA steams her vocals over. ‘Until The Dawn’ is a love song with EFYA sharing what he has in store for her lover: ‘I wanna make love to you/Until the break of Dawn’, she intones. The video concept is simple: EFYA suffers a vehicular breakdown. A young male comes along to help fix it. We see them in this Rihanna-Work-styled rave. The Prince Dovlo and Hassan Beiruthy directed video captures some beautiful scenes: the green scenic views and the overall choice of location added to the appeal. A good advert for eco-tourism. Question: where did EFYA’s helper emerge from though?

Odunsi (The Engine) – RnB Odunsi

Trapsoul influenced with strong guitar riff. Synths moderately sprinkled over a mid-tempo drum bubbling beat. Odunsi, one of the highly rated Nigerian artistes, tries to deflate the fears of a lady who thinks ‘RnB guys no good for me‘ by assuring her of his devotion: ‘said you need some time/I’m ready when you wanna get me’. It’s a known view that, RnB artistes are players and handing out your heart to them is as risky as placing a bet on Liverpool to win the English Premier League next season. ”RnB Odunsi’ is an attempt at demystifying the notion of RnB artiste as players. Even though I’m still not sold on Odunsi’s singing prowess, his productions are always spotless. His debut EP ‘TOOLS’ reveals that. This new ‘RnB Odunsi’ continues on that path.

Stargo – Mirror

There’s this element of relatability when Stargo chooses to rap in twi. Last I heard him rap in twi was on ‘Super Glue’ off his 2016 G.O.D. EP. He returns to the format on the Mike MillzOn’Em produced ‘Mirror’. It carries an afropop tune with a bit of rock fervour courtesy the electro guitar synths. Rapping entirely in twi, Stargo bemoans the betrayal of his love and trust. The accompanying video has him at a fringe role (the focus wasn’t on him much). The two female characters lead the story. ‘Mirror’ reveals a contrasting image: the rooms look old and delapidated; the bathroom with it’s broken tiles against the elegantly dressed ladies. The setting on fire of the rose flowers, the clothing of the ladies (red and black) and the fire scene reveal the death of a love affair. 

SquYb feat Talaat Yartey – Obeleke

If there’s one thing trap music has done, it’s handing people the believe that they can rap. There are some are constantly nailing it (Dex Kwasi,AYAT, Klu). For some, the beat does the trick for them. Obeleke by SquYb and Talaat is an example of the latter. I don’t know what the title means so I’d avoid any explanation. The video is nothing exceptional. The location, the colour separation (well doped pink flowers) and the shaking screen when the 808s bang or ad-libs drops are the only standouts from the video.

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