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Rapper Wanlov shares inspiration behind the making of ‘Orange Card’ album

If there’s one thing most Ghanaian artistes aren’t good at, it is going out of their way to share the inspiration or concepts behind the songs or albums they make. One artiste, doing just that is songwriter, rapper and producer, Wanlov The Kubolor. 

Days after releasing his fourth studio album, ”Orange Card – Fruitopian Raps” (album was released on 26th April, 2017 ), the ‘My Toto’  performer took to twitter to explain, in short details, the inspiration behind each track and why he featured those he did on the album.

“Orange Card: My Fruitopian Rap” is a 21 track album and features a host of artistes like M3nsa, Mutombo Da Poet, Anjolee (she was on his first album Green Card), Worlasi, Kay-Ara, Joey B, Medikal AMG, Sister Debbie, Dex Kwasi, Kwame Write and many others.

The album is influenced heavily by the general circumstances plaguing the country such as the plastic menace, galamsey, dumsor, neo-colonialism, immigration and corruption.

For any keen observer of Wanlov, it’s unsurprising to hear him tackle such issues on ‘Orange Card’. His socio-political advocacy against corruption hasn’t been a recent preoccupation. On his debut album ‘Green Card’, released in 2007, he addressed such concerns​. He has also been very vocal against environmental pollution (galamsey and plastic waste menace), homophobia and religious bigotry.

It is a well known fact that Wanlov divides opinions in more ways than one. His critics will point to his controversial​ opinions and his intolerance for differing views especially when it bothers on his art or that of his close pals. One, however, cannot fault his creativity or artistry, whether in crafting music or drawing up concepts for his films and videos.

By sharing insights on how the album and songs were inspired, Wanlov has provided, not only a dimension for ‘Orange Card’ to be appreciated. He has led the way in helping document these concepts without being requested to.

Watch his song-by-song interview with BeatPhreaks recently.

follow Wanlov for more updates on @wanlov

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