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THE CUTS is your weekly round-up of songs and videos-and anything that has caught our attention and think you must hear or see. The music featured here aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY

Worlasi – Too Naughty

Most albums do have that one song that could be described as the ‘nerve ending’ of the album. They usually aren’t flamboyant in sound or production. Their essence and quality lies in the depth of message and ordinariness of their production. ”Too Naughty” fit that description. It’s one of the songs off worlasi‘s 2015 released debut Nus3 which holds so much truth: the ups and downs of life especially that of the non-conformist (we no dey sati/true hustlers). Even though the song is a dedication to all ‘prodigals’, it’s equally about Worlasi and his optimism for the future. Whiles his compatriots were riding the newest wave in their quest to be successful, he chose a different path: to dwell in his ‘unpopular’ brand of music.  The accompanying video (released yesterday) is shot using a monochromatic approach (greyscale). Worlasi sings, the passion drawn on his face. His words are choreographed by Elisabeth Sutherland. Despite the stern face he wears when singing, his eye contact exudes a desirable warmth that matches his state of zen. It’s worth mentioning the impressive use of light by the director Idris Solomon-only the figures were illuminated although the beam could have been a bit intense. The fading out of act was seamless. No aesthetics were used to enhance its appeal. ‘Too Naughty’ is different from the previous videos we’ve seen from Worlasi-Nukata and One Life. In simplicity lies beauty is affirmed by this video. The words, however, ring loud: you got it all/ We ain’t got shit but life goes on… I for hate but all you got dey motivate me’. 

Joey B feat Darkovibes – Ranger

The music and videos Joey B is releasing lately are brilliant, different and refreshing. They carry an alluring appeal – there’s simplicity in both the imagery and storylines with sublime elements open for interpretations. On ”Rangers”, his latest outing, off his week old EP Darryl, we see Joey B running across a large grass field. Ranger is a song about the unpredictability of life, running a good race whiles noting the various obstacles on your way: ‘No one knows tomorrow/ All the things you worked hard for/ Everything is borrowed’. There’s also a point of reassurance: ‘no matter what you doing/ You’d succeed/ |Don’t you know life is full of blessings‘. Fast rising artiste Darkovibes, comes through to flesh up the song with his energy and positivism.  The cross, the green field, the revving motorbike engine and fading sun have hidden meanings: God (faith), bursting energy and reaching the desired destination. Unlike in Sunshine, Joey B ditches the cowboy garbs for casual clothes. I don’t know what Joey B has been through but lyrics such as these aren’t mere words: I just do my thing/I never ever stop/ God came through for me/Cold days turn sunny breeze’. There’s more to it.

Kuvie feat Zepora & Darkovibes – Deep

When Kuvie, one of Ghana’s prime producers released his EP ”Senses” some months ago, ‘Deep’ was one of the songs that readily caught people’s attention. Placing Zepora and Darkovibes on the song was obviously a good decision. Their effort was splendid. And it’s even more splendid in the video for ‘Deep’. Directed by Kofi Awuah, the two artistes lived the lyrics of the song on screen. The drone shot of the Busua light house and the motorbike ride aside, the colourful nature of the visuals along with the expressions of love (acting) between the two truly reflected the theme of the song. ‘Deep’ is the first single off ‘Senses’ with a video. The setting of the sun (latter end of the video), the inviting sea added to the scenic appeal of the video. Oh Kuvie made a cameo too. In short, ‘Deep’ has so much sauce. This video has me contemplating a visit to Busua beach and Prampam. 

Kwame Write – Protruded Plastics

2014 we had 17,000 Cholera cases, 150 deaths’, Kwame Write reminds us of this scary statistics born largely out of our inability (as people and nation) to keep our environment clean of waste matter. For years, plastic waste has been the greatest enemy of this country yet little efforts are being made to address this environmental menace. Teaming up with Wanlov Cini, Kwame Write brings to our attention- not only in words but visuals the plastic menace engulfing our drains, water bodies and our cities. Wanlov shot the video using iPhone 7 in black and white (for effect) and the video frame carried this ’70s feel. Advocates of environmental sanitation have proposed a ban on the use of plastic materials yet government seem not to be taking any serious action towards tackling the situation.  Until such a measure(s) come into effect, the bare-chested Kwame Write indulge us to: ‘cover the gutters of your mind/Let Ghana rise’.

B4Bonah feat Sarkodie – Dear God Remix

This is the second official remix to Dear Good-the first remix has Kojo-Cue. Now, Sarkodie has hopped on Dear God again for another remix. This came with a video.  A ‘wailing’ B4BONAH enumerate some  of the challenges fa es like a new comer on the a scene. The video also reflect the expectations and reality of an upcoming artiste- how they are treated before and after becoming successful. For instance, the part where he get rejected​ by a label and forced to go indie is one part many artistes may relate to it. Every upcoming act wishes to be treated like a stae and not a pest, this the reason why the hook of Dear God reaonates.


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