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THE CUTS: EP 02 Vol. 2

M.anifest feat bigBen – Do My Own

There’s a popular Ghanaian proverb that literally translate as: a person is bound to vent when s/he has had enough. M.anifest has given that proverb essence on his new song with bigBen ‘Do My Own’. The rapper has, on this song, hit back at critics who have questioned his credentials. M.anifest has in recent times been criticized by many for what they consider the ‘boujee’ music he makes. And it became fierce last week after his performance at the Ghana Meet Naija Concert drew sharp divisions in opinions. But, he’s unperturbed as this lyrics suggest ‘I put my blood and sweat in this/Demons chaw, where’s the exorcist?’

The ‘godMC’ rapper seems to have found a way of hitting back at critics over beats rather than in interviews. In 2013, hours after winning two VGMAS, he released the Jayso produced ‘Ebei (Dream Killers)’ to taunt critics who questioned his winnings. On ‘Do My Own’, he returns to the same template, reminding the critics that: ‘Man go school but music I dey do/ Status quo cool but I’m planning a coupe’ . It’s frustrating when your credentials are questioned despite the accolades. But then again, critics would always be present. What you don’t do is let them win. ‘Make I just shine and be florescent’. Obvious anger and frustration drapped in modesty. 

Joey B feat Sarkodie – Sunshine Remix

‘Sunshine’, the week old single from Joey B receives a verse from Sarkodie on a remix. On it, Sarkodie is heard itemizing some worrying situations in the music world including the ungrateful attitudes of some artistes he has helped in the past. He links his situation to that which Joey B is currently facing. ‘When I started I was tryna keep it positive enough, I did it all’, Sark raps. A week ago, Joey B released a cinematic video for Sunshine which had him detailing the challenges he is encountering in the business. Sunshine is found on his now released DarrylEP available on iTunes. 

Dex Kwasi feat Kwesi Arthur – All of You

Dex Kwasi has been trapping long before afrotrap became a thing. His latest single, ‘All of You’, continue in that trap mode. Featuring GroundUpChale’s Kwesi Arthur, the two spill out their respective adoration for a lover over mellow, bass driven, bouncy afro trap beat. Love-ly lyrics adoring a loved one is replete in music but Dex Kwasi’s descriptive lyric: ‘When I see your face/I feel like I’m on kush’ is the best I’ve heard thus far. ‘All of You’ is a single off the yet to be released AfroTrap Supa Stars Vol.1 tape Dex is set to release.

Nazim & Alex Wondergem – Book of Rhymes II

Alex Wondergem’s brand of production feels like they are made from vintage stocks of music crates labelled as ‘Throw aways’. I first saw him at the Yoyotinz Block Party last year (at the sidelines of Chalewote) when he DJ’d for a group whose name I’ve forgotten. He was on the production boards for Elimuzik’s recently released ‘Buying Our Freedom’s EP. Now, he has joined forces with Nazim, a Sudanese rapper on this over 7 mins hip-hop track with Nazim showcasing his rapping skills over various rhythms. The two appear to have revisited the good old hip-hop style-where it’s only a DJ/Producer and a MC rocking the stage and mic just to show the audience they are gifted. 

Eazzy feat Mr. Eazi

Love is at the centre of this.. by Eazzy who features Mr. Eazi. The collaboration is timely – Eazzy is trying to sustain a spot within the music scene and Mr. Eazi’s profile as a musician is stratopheric at the moment. So, the benefit is to both artiste-each would make some gains. The video, shot by Lex MacCarthy, has Eazzy and Mr.Eazi falling in love whiles cloth shopping. What’s interesting is that, each came shopping with their lovers. The two step into the sun after escaping their lovers. The visuals are clean: colour-wise and the angles look great. The only bit i wasn’t so sold on was how they escaped their lovers in the boutique without notice. A good simple 

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