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Throwback: Sikletele​ by 4×4

It’s always exciting watching old videos of some of today’s big name artistes. Aside the element of nostalgia the videos provoke, they also hand you a scale to measure an artistes physical growth till date. One does note how much has changed in the world of music video making. The fashion sense of that era is also well represented.

In 2003, a group of two began their journey towards stardom. Like their name, 4×4 (made up of Captain Planet and Abortion, now Coded) have ridden through the rugged music terrain to where they are today. 14 years and they are still a force despite their inability to create hit songs like before.

Sikletele is a Ga word meaning sweet sugar. 4×4, made up Captain Planet and Coded (formerly Abortion) used the term to describe a beautiful woman. They featured a young Castro D’estroyer (RIP). The proteges of Buk Bak, Sikilete became one of the biggest and recognized song in the country. It also brought in view the heirs to the Buk Bak project. The song is organic and

The Video:

The storyline is a bit unclear to me. I deduced three plausible angles watching the video: 4×4 took shelter at a village en route a trip;   they were residents of the village who, thanks to their talents, became a formidable artistes; or they visited their village from the city after making it. The OM Studios shot video witnesses cameo appearance by Buk Bak (they came to pick up 4×4 from the village.)

The video offered a view​ into a village setting for those unfamiliar with that life-the houses and calm environment. The fashion was purely hip-hop. The apparel of that era were strictly baggy shirts and jeans. CP and Coded are seen in their Burberry Lacoste shirts and matching Timberland boots. (The baggy wear era was heavily promoted by 50 Cents and his G-Unit members). And there was the VW Beetle car, which was the coolest ride to have if you think you are a baller.

The graphic effects were crazy as well. The infusion of the computer generated car ride scene to augment the actual car riding scene in the video was amazing back then. Watching it now leaves me scratching my head.

As the years rolled on, the music and technological scenes have changed. 4×4 had rolled with the times. Their love for squeaky ckean videos hasn’t deserted them. They continue to make some good quality videos. But, the music, especially what fascinate them, doesn’t match their status and longevity.

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