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Video Review: DJ Dimpelz feat. Reason, Ice Prince & Royal Empire

Let’s establish one thing: if you are a producer or artiste who can’t make a banger off a trap beat, then you better quit working. 

For renowned South African DJ, DJ Dimpelz, crafting a banger is least of his worries. His latest, ‘FUYD’ (Fuck Up Your Day) is an attestation to his credentials as a producer who knows what the streets, the radio and clubs want. Featuring Reason, Ice Prince and Royal Empire (Ice Prince was on his ‘Bae Coupe’ tune last year) he created a simple and fun video for FUYD.

Shot mostly in black and white in a leisure centre (thanks to the skate boarding arena and swings), the video has the artistes doing​ the dab whiles telling the world why they are here to FUYD. 

One of the beat moments in the video comes around the 3:48 sec and 4:36 sec marks when TRK’s line ‘oh my God, I think I’m sexy’ was met with camera snapping sound. For them to shoot the video in an open space rather than in a club or enclosed area for a song with a club feel is commendable. 

FUYD is an anthem for the successful: those who have achieved or achieving in their respective fields. They are the ones who can scream ‘ No one can tell me to behave’ along with Reason. And As DJ Dimpelz reminded all on the opening of the song ‘All y’all niggas keep hoping I fall off mayne, I’m about to fuck up your day’. And truly, he did it with a bang.

written by @swayekidd

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