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THE CUTS: EP 01 Vol. 10

THE CUTS is your weekly round-up of songs and videos-and anything that has caught our attention and think you must hear or see. The music featured here aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY


C-Real – Feel The Vibe

It was Reggie Rockstone who on one of his songs, Mbosuo, called on artistes to switch up their style if they want to be relevant and survive the turbulent music scene. This was many many years ago. C-Real’s new song ‘Feel The Vibe’, reminded me of Reggie’s advice. I love surprises but, honestly didn’t expect C-real to rap over minimally toned, Ga-inspired highlife beat (kolomashie). Feel The Vibe lives by its title: it’s fun-filled and vibely. It’s mid-tempo and danceable. The beat obviously brought out a more relaxed C-Real. For those who are unaware of Ghana and its people, Feel The Vibe is the perfect introduction. C-Real talks about the coolness of the Ghanaian-sociable, fun loving and cool people. C-Real put it better: ‘this is an awesome city/where the girls look pretty/ and the guys all bust a move when they feel the vibe’. Although ‘Feel The Vibe’ evokes happiness, in a C-Real fashion manages to kick in some inspiring words: ‘make you commot all the hate from your system/Now, gimme love no resistance’. Kay Nie, the producer laid a beat for C-Real to rapture with good vibes.


KAYSO feat Papa Chie – Lovey

The magic of ‘Lovey’ is less about the lyrics of the song and more about the highlife grooves that complement it. The songwriting and singing are alright-nothing striking. That aside, Lovey, the new single by producer/singer-rapper KaySo and Papachie is excellently crafted. This is my first time hearing KaySo produce a song that sit within the highlife fold- trap vibes is what I’ve known him for. The guitar licks are reminiscent of those from the palmwine highlife era whiles the horns are brass band-esque in tone. The drums bubble excitingly at the base of the song.  Featuring Papachie, ‘Lovey’ revisit some qualities seen in highlife songs of the past like allowing the beat to play for a few minutes between the first and second verses (this is uncommon lately as the verses often follow each other). With this smooth, danceable, guitar and horn filled highlife tune, KaySo from Tema stays true to his ‘Wanna Own Be Different’ tagline.

Sizz The Truth – Longest Rounds

What hit you first are those menacing piano chimes at the beginning of the song (they seem to be similar to that on ‘One of Us’ by Rick Ross). Longest Rounds is basically Sizz The Truth, detailing his night romp across the city-bar hopping trips, one-night stands and blowing money as suggested on the hook: ‘steady tryna sip the liquor in my cup/started at Purple (bar) ended at Django…had the longest rounds’ (Purple Bar and Django are two of the famous hangouts in the city). Longest Rounds is strictly hip hop (Sizz rap and sing on the hook, sounding tipsy). This Arrow produced tune is the first single off his upcoming project ‘The Whole Truth’

  B4BONAH feat Kojo-Cue – Dear God Refix

‘If you hear my cry/on my knees I’m calling/I need you right now/God, make I blow’. The message in this chorus sums up the theme of the song: a prayer to succeed. Talent alone isn’t enough to succeed in this music business. Luck, is very key in cracking the mainstream door. On this remix, b4Bonah drafts BBnZ’s Kojo Cue who, essentially details the difficulties of up and coming artistes- demand of payola from DJs before they play your song, fans not patronizing shows. ‘How many free shows do I have to stage to get recognized? /How many videos do I have to shoot to clinch a VGMA award?’, KoJo-Cue ask. Take away the rap and Dear God is a song that rides on bouncy beat and has a catchy hook.

 Fiifi Selah- Mma Obi Ndaada Wo (Let No One Deceive You)

The last time I heard a song from Fiifi Selah song I heard was over a decade ago on Obrafour’s ‘Asem Sebe’. He contributed a stellar verse on one of the most polished diss songs of all time. He was by then known as Scooby Selah-part of the music group SASS Squad and subsequently TH4Kwages. Between that time and now, a lot has happened in Fiifi Selah’s life. He’s still doing radio (on Accra based Pluzz FM) and now a full blown Rastafarian. On his latest tune, Fiifi Selah preaches to whoever is listening. His message is simple: don’t allow yourself to be deceived; seek your own truths and hold on to your God. Fiifi Selah talks rather than rap or sing on this MikeMillz On’Em produced song. Mma Obi Ndaada Wo; a deliberately style chosen for its impact on the listener.  Fiifi Selah message is full of anecdotes about life, actions and the need to act right:  is not your belief that’d get you to heaven. Neither is it your religion. Having a good heart is your surest bet to make it to heaven, Fiifi Sellah preaches. Mma Obi Ndaada Wo is taken from Sons of God mixtape Vol. 4. Download link https://t.co/lXqw7efuST

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