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Akbar Comics launch Kickstarter Campaign to fund first book ‘Captain Calabar’.

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Comic books have always played a part in our lives. For many it still does. They have been our companions -from infancy through to adulthood. Comics have inspired dreams; served as an escape into another realm (fantasy world) as well as an educative tool. For many, comics gave them reason to live.

The power and commercial appeal of comics have, in recent times, crossed over from the pages onto the big screens. Hollywood is at the forefront of this exciting wave; churning out many movie flicks based on popular comic strips.

Comics, aside its incredible stories, attractive characters and the money they generate, are also vehicles of promoting Western socio-political ideals. A cursory look at the comic landscape reveal a paucity of African comics. This means, the African story is not heard by many comic lovers albeit the existence a plethora of African stories and tales with very great characters that must be told the world.

One comic company looking to breaking into the industry and inspire an African ‘invasion’ is the Nigerian based Akbar Comics. Founded in June, 2016, Akbar Comics has a team of four individuals- Abasido Akpan, Joshua Akpan, and Timehin Akinde. Akbar Comics is seeking to do this through the release of their first comic book ‘Captain Calabar’.

As Timehin Akinde, head writer and co-creator of ‘Captain Calabar’ put it, Akbar Comics is aiming at   showcasing African beauty and reshaping the pop culture landscape. We are trying to build a lasting African comic book universe and showcase the beauty of Africa to the world. We want to redefine the art form and leave our mark on African pop culture’.

Achieving this ambition would mean having adequate support and resources. It is for this reason that Akbar Comics has commenced a Kickstarter campaign to help them achieve their dream of raising funds towards the publication and subsequent release of their first comic book.

Africa’s voice has to be heard within the global comic space. Our rich, dynamic, evocative and astounding stories must be known. Comics are one of the best mediums to get those stories out. If you are a comic lover and believe in the dream of Akbar Comics, kindly support the campaign here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2003961482/captain-calabar

Support a dream!

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