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THROW BACK: EFYA feat Sarkodie – Jorley

This song doesn’t qualify as a proper ‘throwback’ (according to the working definition of this blog. Throwbacks should be 5 years old and above). But, as with every human curated activity, the use of discretion is very allowed, sometimes. This is why ‘Jorley’ by EFYA has been considered as a throwback.

Released on August 5, 2015 under the One Nation label (which EYA belongs), Jorley is a song that hit and consume you at first hearing. The composition is fire (where the emoji at?). The beat is riveting. The lyrics area breath of life courtesy the way EFYA hit those notes. Each listen leaves you appreciating the song even more.

Jorley, a Ga word which means ‘Sweetheart’ or ‘Love’ is the fifth collaborative effort between EFYA and Sarkodie. The two have shared voices on singles such as I’m In Love With You Now, Success (Sarkcess) Story, Devil In Me, Whatever You Do, I’m In Love With Your Girlfriend (off the unreleased joint JaySo and Sark TMG album).

The Song

There’s always some magic that happens when you put a song through the ‘speaker experience’ (hello Decaf). Hearing this song through a good speaker left me appreciating it even more. Jorley, a love song which sees both artistes confess and appreciate their love for each other. They also itemize the importance of respect for one another as well. Jorley has a place on EFYA’s all-time best songs list.

EFYA confesses her state of intrigue by the love she’s experiencing. ‘This love. Never, ever quiet like this love/ I try to understand this love’, she utters at the beginning of the song. She proceeds to talk of the power the love has over her whiles eulogizing her lover. Hitting notes isn’t a tasking chore for EFYA and on the song, she came hit those high notes with perfection; making the timbres reverberate through the listener’s soul. The infusion of a very familiar lyric in the hook –sima jorley-helps in making the hook an easy to hum to.

There’s honesty behind her words. There’s vulnerability in her voice. If there’s a quality EFYA possesses, it’s her ability to drag the listener along with her words. That’s the listener feels an ownership of her words. Taking his turn, Sarkodie not only drop ad-libs all over the song but also offers a verse where in similar fashion, sound appreciative of finding love and promising to forever be with her.

The Beat/Composition

Killbeatz killed this beat in many ways. Within the simple beat are many elements worth praising. These elements are the reason this song has its splendor. First, the thumping drum beat that opens the song is catchy; an invitation to listen to what is about to unfold. Part of the beat sound as if they were recorded live (the crushing snares). Killbeatz employs the 5-tap technique (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap), which is the foundation of many African rhythms. The fontromfrom drum sound (computer generated notwithstanding) is lively. It hands the song its Ghanaian (African) identity.

Jorley is a jam. From the production-which is stepped in deep Ghanaian musical rhythms-to the enthralling vocal delivery of EFYA, right to Sarkodie’s performance, Jorley earns a place among the best songs in the catalogue of EYA. And a place on the roster of songs that reflect the Ghanaian rhythmic sound.


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