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New Music & Video: Safo, Anyemi & Kwame Nino – Trotro (# Allegation)


Trotro experiences are among the interesting moments one would have especially Accra residents. From the conversations- sometimes heated and/or fun across a myriad of topics; the stoking heat, the annoying stoppages and of course, the mates’ attempt to conveniently forget your change- all melt into moments of infuriation and/or excitements. Residents of Accra city and the many trotro (mini bus) commuters know that, trotro experiences are a trial. These experiences are what Safo, Anyemi and Kwame Nino have storified in their latest song ‘Trotro (#Allegation)’. With a sing-along hook, descriptive and relatable lyrics, the three rappers narrate their experiences in trotro rides over this horn Nel Magnum produced beat. To sum up the experience: ‘Accra dey be but the traffic dey bore’

The Experiences:

Anyemi (@AnyemiBone)

Papa trotro driver, aha na wo b3 loadi?”  is usually a common question one hear passengers ask drivers who flout road regulations with impunity. Anyemi also questions the driver in the same manner but he (driver) doesn’t seem to be bothered as his mate continues hollering for passengers. His trip doesn’t feel so bad compared to the other passengers at the back because unlike them who have altered seats and little spaces to occupy, he got to the front seat which was relatively comfortable than his co-passengers.

Safo (@forksafo)

Safo’s trip was to Botwe (the town and not the school). Entering the bus and heading straight to the backseat may have been a bad idea as he realized it wasn’t a comfy spot for a long legged fellows like himself. Amidst the feeling of discomfort, you realize you’re not that special when you get addressed by the amount you gave the mate; just like everyone else gets addressed (yes, yes Ghc 10). If you forget to beckon to the call, you lose your change. His trip was also filled with a many infuriating stops, which is very unusual.

Kwame Nino (@nino_GOT_game)

For Nino, he once got a troski (trotro) from Tetteh Quarshie to Abormi and he was already irritated before the trip; the deleterious heat in Accra and his empty pocket depriving him of comfort (an uber ride). His trip started on a bad note when a fat woman (obolo) sat beside to him. He was fuming with anger but not as bad as the fumes from this Obolo’s weave-on. The conductor (mate) also seemed to have made matters worse when he kept on stalling with his change. At this point, Nino decided he he’d had enough; deciding to get down at the next bus stop. To cap his frustrating experience, he had his white t-shirt ripped by poking metal from one of the seats when alighting. The Ga expletive ‘ony3 s*#mi’ was his way of saying thanks to the driver.

What a series of unfortunate events you might say? But this could be a pretty regular troski experience. You’ve probably not had a full trotro experience if your answer is NO to Anyemi and Safo’s questions: ‘trotro tear your shadda before? / You ever sleep wey them take you pass before? / The mate ever take your change before? / The driver never ever delay your time before?”

Despite the video being a low budgeted one, it had some good moments. Some of the visuals did match the lyrical narratives of the song-for example when Kwame Nino spoke about an obolo passenger sitting beside him. The drone shot of the Kwame Nkrumah Circle was also well done. Likewise, the spot of humor captured when a female slapped a guy who was harassing her. One can’t fail to realize how the lighting was from inside the trotro. The pictures were dark; making it hard to clearly make out the faces of the artistes. Also, the humorous moments were few. The director could have added a few funny shots which didn’t make the final to bring out the different worlds one witnesses in trotro rides.

And if you think the song title Allegation means the dictionary definition, do watch to the end of the video to get the full meaning as used in the streets.

Listen to song here

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