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THE CUTS: EP 01 Vol. 6


ELi Muzik feat Kyekyeku –Gaudete

There’s something glorious about the music that ELi Muzik creates. They often carry rings of soothing calmness which are irresistible to the ears and pleasing to the heart. His new single ‘Gaudete’ which features Kyekyeku doesn’t deviate from the afro-soul feel that define Eli’s music. The guitar riff grips you at first, then the voice breaks through the string rhythms. What follows are lyrics that are both inspiring and a reminder about life and its swings (see art cover). One of the best guitarists in the country, Kyekyeku (also the producer) delivers an amazing guitar work, adding extra gloss to the message of positivity (one day we go know/one day we shall overcome them), hope (you’ve come too far to let this ruin all) and motivation (something dey your eye inside/you p3 you dey see) shared by Eli Muzik. Gaudete, a word with Latin root meaning ‘rejoice’ encourages steadfastness and keeping focus on the dream-for the benefits of that shall be reaped in the near future.  The consciousness that spills out on most of his songs challenge notions; in the process, filling the listener with a sense of pride.


AI –Burn Fat (prod by Kuvie)

Is there something A.I can’t do musically? Here’s a guy who bodies every song he is put on-whether on the hook or to deliver a verse or full verses. He has shown us the depth of his talents (perhaps, some of it) on songs such as Making Tasha Proud (by JaySo), Shine (by EL), Motromodo (by Trigmatic) and of course on the jam of our time, Grind (by DJ Vision), Tsioo Ben Ke Mi (by KoJo- Cue). This is aside his own song: Paper. On ‘Burn Fat’, AI didn’t just show love to the ‘Nubian Queens’, he was yobbing a girl he likes. Here he was rapping, singing, throwing ad-libs and sang-talked on the fun evoking tune. Magic always happens when AI and Kuvie work together (their previous work is enough evidence). The beat Kuvie laid for Burn Fat is as groovy as it can get; getting your attention immediately the strings, kick and snare dropped. He deliberately made it sound hollow, allowing AI’s voice to be prominent even when he mumbled some of the lyrics. Grind introduced AI to the music world and has since not slowed down. He is getting the town talking with each single he drops.


If you are a 90s kid, I’m sure you’d remember the classic highlife tune by one of the leading bands of the early 90s. Ozimzim was a huge party tune from the stables of Marriott International Band (which later re-branded to Ozimzim Band). The Band FRA, on their new song Ozimzim remind us to live happy, even when we experienced a rough week. On ‘Party’ FRA!  fused electronica and pop influences with their signature Afrobeat sound. An upbeat, refreshing and danceable groove produced by Reynolds TheGentleMan and mixed by Qube was the outcome. Ozimzim Party doesn’t only artfully merge youthful vim and exuberance but pays great homage Ozimzim band with those cleverly done samples.

JOWAA – Banku Dade & Abele

Producer Gafacci and JOWAA are without a doubt  pushing that authentic Ga music sound into the mainstream with their releases. Mixing the asorkpor sound with afrobeat elements, they are offering revelers the perfect music to swing with. Listening to Banku Dade and Abele (Gas and their love for maize), one fully appreciates the excellent blend of various musical sounds as well its riveting and energetic nature. If there’s one thing I know about asorkpor music, it is the fact that you can dance yourself to the point of exhaustion. Enjoy the music with a bit of restraint.


OTI – The Truth (OUTRO)


‘Cats so fake so they call them copies/ see, everybody raps but their bars are sloppy

The hot got weaker/ the art got cheaper/ oh these false prophets far from teachers’

 The truth are hard to speak these days especially the state of the rap game lately. In close quarters, you hear hip-hop fans slamming the weak rhymes that are all too familiar and the lack of real life stories to educate, inspire and challenge people and the status-quo. These themes are what OTI, one of the young rappers coming from the Skillions stable, is highlighting on his song The Truth (Outro)-first single from his soon to be released #UntoldStoryProject Mixtape.

The visuals for The Truth as captured by 6Miludo Media is simple: scenes of him at a balcony rapping over piano puncturing kick and snare beat and in the studio writing rhymes and recording fill this video. Cameo appearance by the one and only JaySo.

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