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THE CUTS: EP 01 Vol. 5


DJ Juls ft. Not3s, Kojo Funds, EUGY – BAD

As a friend put it, the productions of Juls Baby reflect the man. They are calm, smooth and of course charming. His latest outing further my friend’s observations. DJ Juls is obviously picking up from where he left off last year, as far as creating and producing ‘Summer Jams’ for the ravers. Bad drips of mellow dancehall vibes drenched in minimal elements of drums and snares. Not3s, Kojo Funds and Eugy deliver verses that equally match the tone of the production. Not3s drops a very catchy and easy to remember hook: ‘So babe, could you slow down or go low? /…If you want you could go down or go home? / Told you already love how you go down’, his words swimming through the melodic beat.

In the Mira Jebira directed video for Bad, DJ Juls and his boys are in what appears as a basement club vibing with the ladies-with Nots3, Kojo Funds and Eugy trying to woo the bar tender and other ladies in the club respectively. What is impressive about the video is the lightening-it added an incredible tone to the club setting. Any keen observer of DJ Juls and his works would realize how he keeps topping his own works with each new release. Last year, he gave us Teef Teef and Give Me Your Love, two big jams that helped grow Juls’ profile across globes. With Bad, DJ Juls has not only dropped a potential global tune but introduced Nots3 and Kojo Funds to new audiences- including Ghanaians.


WUSU feat Team Salut- Lumba

It’s always a great pleasure hearing new artiste sample works of old Ghanaian artistes. Over the years, we have had the likes of Joey B (Cigarettes, Otoolege), Ayat (Iron Boy), ASEM (Bye Bye), Reggie Rockstone (Keep Your Eyes On the Road) incorporate highlife samples or lyrics in their songs to great effects. WUSU, a UK based singer has joined the sample train with his fantastic tune that celebrate one of our beloved legend, Daddy Lumba. The song is well put together-from the catch hook which references Lumba’s dance moves (I don’t dance/ I daddy Lumba) to the piano rendition of the classic Lumba single Aben Wo Ha. The blend of highlife and trap beats aside, Wusu was smart to reference titles of very popular songs on this obvious hit track. If Adam Levine paid tribute to Mick Jagger’s dance skills on Dance Like Mick Jagger, seeing Wusu put respect on the name of Daddy Lumba deserves much praise. Still unfamiliar of what the ‘I don’t dance I daddy lumba’ reference is, watch it here



ADOMAA – April Fool

Adomaa as appropriately titled, the video was released on April 1. Colourful, great camera angles and shots, nice costumes and location, the video had Adomaa, along with rapper Wan O playing hype man, trading the soulful ballads for bars (rap). With talk about (insert lyrics), Adomaa’s momentary veering off her lane of singing to rapping over the Drumroll laid beats might have caught many by surprise. Watching her reminded me of Efya when she started out on her smokey, heart is bleeding pain tune: ‘You think say I be stuck to jazz, then April Fool/ point to them rappers make I murder who?‘. One standout scene for me was her puppetry antics. Her body expressions and again, the colouring handed it this hell tomb sense. The song may perhaps grow on me. It was a good attempt by her at projecting another side of her. However, the video is very much memorable than the song

Watch the video below:



EDI-YOUNG – Ginger

Edi Young is back with a wavy new song- Ginger!  The old Skillionaire and current Kings Capital Music Group singer delivered a smooth rhythmical song on a MonieBeatz instrumental. He talks passionately about how his lover ‘gingers’ him up to achieve a lot in life just to make her comfortable. After all, she’s the reason he’s grinding, so in the end she could be his: Sake of you I dey grind baby/ because of you I go go make money/ odoyewu ehh. His lover is the primary reason he’s working this hard and he recognizes this. If she’s nothing but daily inspiration/motivation, then the love here must be really strong. If that’s how it goes, it wouldn’t be bad to love this hard then? After all it’s a win- win situation. Ginger has the bounce to make you do some few body wiggles.


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