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Video Review: Sister Deborah ‘Sampanana’ feat. Medikal


Word of mouth information is very important since one can’t put a thumb on everything happening around us in this fast pacing universe. Through word of mouth, lives has been impacted; both positively and otherwise. When it comes to music, a friend’s vote of confidence is enough to get you to press play or listen to an artiste(s). In this era of social media and easy access to music and videos, a tag is the new word of mouth.

I’m not one who get sold on music or videos by others especially when the person who’s making the recommendation is the artiste’s stan or belong to the circles of the artiste; either via direct or distant association. So, when I heard @officialKWAME on his show on YFM this past Sunday raving, throwing the ‘I live for this’ mantra about Sister Debbie’s new video, I was indifferent towards checking it out. Monday morning came and as I settled on scrolling through my twitter feed, I chanced on the link. Clicking on the link doesn’t take much to do, only your data would be wasted if the video or music isn’t as good as you might have heard or envisaged. Thank Lord, the wi-fi is paid for by someone.

Sampanana by Sister Deborah featuring Medikal was worth the data spent watching it. The video is simple, ornate, stylistic and very conventional. The seam between these qualities came out with perfection. Sampanana was shot in an uncompleted storey building; with the camera following Debbie within the building. The camera does switch from her to Medikal, who also cut across various floors of the ‘house’. The simplicity of the video was in the choice of building and the colourful textile curtains used – a common feature of squatter homes. Shooting it at one place meant whoever is watching won’t be excessively distracted by many shots from different locations. If there was one scene I loved, it was how Wanlov’s feet made a cameo when Debbie played on the name Wanlov) and Fokn Bois in her verse.

Of course, Wanlov directed the video. You may not like Wanlov for whatever plausible reason but when it comes to his concepts for videos, you can bet on him to create something arty out of the ordinary. Unlike some of these video directors who are associated with glossy and big budget videos; where often the unnecessary excesses overshadow the necessary, the Wanlov Kubolor Cini crew do much more with relatively small budget. Not really puzzling since their greatest gift lies in keeping it simple, raw, organic and relatable. The crown jewel of his video concepts are that, the art is paramountly represented.

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