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Listen: Mutombo Da Poet releases ‘Fit In’ on Word Poetry Day

‘Looks like I’m surrounded by perfect beings

who try to make me believe that they are flawless

They have no blemish but

I’ve even seen stainless steel rust so I know none is perfect’- FIT IN

This is how one of Ghana’s known poets, Mutombo Da Poet, opens his new spoken word poem ‘Fit In’, a poem reminding us about the beauty in embracing ourselves and our flaws (we are only humans, we make mistakes) -and not bend to the pressures to become something we are not just to be accepted by society or friends.

Released on ‘Word Poetry Day’, Fit In (listen below) highlights the absurdity of hero worshipping (they see their peers as gods because they feel no brain when they touch their temples); lack of self-esteem and confidence (don’t dance to anyone’s rhythm they said but most don’t trust their temples); and the need for self-belief (you never realize potential until you free mindset from those mental chains).

Mutombo Da Poet has been known for being an ‘outsider’ (one who lives on his own terms).He often speaks his mind on numerous issues both in his poems and on social media. On Fit In, he cites his own life as an example to advance his thoughts (I’m not fitting in. Jack is out of the box) whiles bidding all not to ‘confuse my concerns with jealousy’.

He caps off his commentary with these words: I’m not a cool kid there’s no time to impress when death lingers.



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