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Listen: Euphonic Music drops TWO EPs

Euphonic Music has released two new set of music by their resident producers Bond (Chief Sound Engineer) and Xoe (Resident Producer) respectively. Both songs are described as ‘sonic bodies of work to explore the spectrum of sounds our minds can create, installing mental notes of consciousness, reason and creative growth within every note’.

Sharing the creation of Bond and Xoe is a way of highlighting ‘the importance of producers by putting them at the center of attention, to give their identity as the ones who curate an equally important part of music making’, according to Nasir, the Director of Content for Euphonic Music Company.

BOND: Neighbours (Come Over, Labalaba)

Neighbours is a body of work created Bond (Ini Umoren) and artistes on Vision Inspired Music, a Ghanaian music label. Neigbours, which features Robin-Huws and Reynolds TGM (on Come Over) and Adomaa (on Labalaba) blends the musical soundscapes of Nigeria and Ghana and western pop. Neighbours, carries a prominent electro synth appeal and elements of Ghanaian highlife. Robin-Huws and Reynolds “The Gentleman’ deliver a good melody, (blending English and Twi) over this mid-tempo love tune ‘Come Over’: ‘what’s going on? / Are we together or we moving on? /trying to stay strong/your heart, your heart/I belong’  

On Labalaba (a Ghanaian slang which means unreal or deceptive), Adomaa serenades over an excellently crafted danceable highlife sound. With a ‘I’m crushing on you’ storyline, Adomaa day-dreams of being the girl of her crush. Her voice, the big horns and those kora riffs hands labalaba its infectious magical ring.

XOE- Tales 2

If you are a sucker for art covers, then Tales by Euphonic’s resident producer would you’re your interest. With a man in space cover, one could predict how the music would sound: spacely or orbit-y. Tales 2 is a follow up to “Tales” Xoe’s first body of work under our music company.

Tales 2- a follow-up to Tales, is a four track beat tape filled with different sonic sounds with each track connoting a certain feeling. Bando, with its trappy aura opens the EP with the piano driven chimes on Zen closing Tales 2. Issues (another minimalistic trap tune) and Ode makes up the four tracks.

The EP reveals Xoe’s experimental abilities and reflect his state of mind. Tales 2 is a navigation through the sonic renderings of Xoe which he is proud to share with the world.

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