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New Music: Coroner: Inside Out by Poetra

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One of the qualities of creatives is their ability to explore and project other creative sides embedded within them. But for their fans, it often evokes numerous questions, doubts and fears.

Fans always want their favourite creatives to pursue the interest they (fans) have known and grown to love them for. Any attempt by the creative to step ‘out of line’ is, in the view of fan(s) dangerous. For the fans of Poetra Asantewa, these fears may bubble up on their minds upon hearing her new work Coroner. Any observer of Poetra, however, would have realized she is one of the few creatives unafraid to flaunt her other creative sides-she is a known poet, writer, fashion designer, geek and singer.

Singing is what you hear on Coroner not poetry (as has become her badge). Poetra sings about life, love and the future in a calm yet striking acapella tone (over finger snaps and beautifully backing hums). Coroner is Poetra searching for answers to life’s burning questions; questions that perhaps plagues Poetra and everyone else. Her poetry writing skills is evident in her questions (words) about life: Will they find me with sorrow sleeping in my chest? Wil I be near obsolete from being well used? Even in the dim light did I still shine? She again wonders if she would ‘die in an apartment with walls the colour of puke?’

On love she wonders if she will ‘be laughing too hard at a cute boy’s bad joke …waiting for a text message that would never come?’. She further inquires from her coroner about her future: Will I have procrastinated my salvation too? Will I have achieved all my dreams before they speak of me in past tense?’

Fans of Poetra need not panic hearing her sing. They should not be troubled. They should dispel the notion of her abandoning poetry for music (singing). She is rather showcasing other talents she holds within. Coroner should not come as strange, since she has shared glimpses of her singing abilities for a while. On both Vote For Me and Anomaly as well as her debut EP Mutherfuckitude, Poetra did some crooning.

In the world of creatives, exploring other creative sides is an inspiration finding expedition to sustain their growth. It is dangerous for creatives to be stuck in one space for creativity is a stream with many tributaries.

And on her latest, Poetra begs her Coroner for answers about our fears, not in a spoken fashion but with a melody.

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