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Video Review: M.anifest – Palm Wine And Whisky feat. Dex Kwasi

One of the effects of excessive inebriation is that, you can’t really tell reality from illusion. You are caught in a grey field-between truth and doubt- of events of that day or night.
That realm of confusion is what M.anifest, along with video directors TwoGhGuys and Togbe Gavua of Abstrakte (director of photography), brought to vividness on Palm Wine And Whisky off M.anifest‘s No Where Cool album.

A happy M.anifest, on the cusp of stupor is seen watching (the latter part of) ‘100%’- one of his videos. Next, a ‘hammered’ M.Dot is seen lying with a calabash of palm wine in hand. A panoramic view of a secluded house in the hills comes in view. The house is the venue of a rave. Among the guests at the party is a lady, played by Ahoufe Patri, who catches M.Dot‘s fancy.

In the end, we see a lady walk up to wake the inebriated M.anifest from his sleep. With his mind still hazy and eyes blurry, he can not tell whether the lady walking away was indeed the one he met at the party (reality marred in illusion). His stuporous state notwithstanding, M.anifest is convinced he had seen that ass before-certain images remain intact no matter how ‘hammered’ one gets.

The aerial shots of the rave house and it’s greenery surroundings were highlighted exquisitely. And the rave moments were captured in black and white; to indicate a dream (illusions). The beginning and ending of the video were the only moments captured in colour (reality). And it is interesting how Dex Kwasi wasn’t shown among the ravers. Was his part shot at a different location and fused into the video?

Watch Palm wine And Whiskey and make your judgement

written by Manny (@mannyFBC)

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