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Euphonic Sounds: A label set to change the African music scene


Euphonic Sounds, a music company from Nigeria is out to not only promote African music but are bent on influencing and showcasing the gifts of their artistes through the creation of sounds different to the conformed dimensions typically associated with African sound.

As African sounds becomes globally recognised, there’s a new age of artists manifesting through this new spotlight and access to the world. They are more experimental and conscious in how they apply their voice using music and production.

This new age of music is mainly underground in Africa but is shaping up to be fully the next era of beautiful music the world will embrace. There’s an incredible growth in the freedom of expression being curated by the New Age music minds of Africa, In the words of the label, ‘we want our sounds to express more, say more, inspired, create and innovate more. To be a brand with music creatives from Africa creating global standard sounds we can all appreciate and relate to’

Check out the links to two tapes released by Euphonic Sounds artistes Tonero, a producer/artist/songwriter and Bond, an audio engineer.

TONERO: AJNA is the first full body of work released by Tonero under the label. He produced all the works whiles a student.



BOND, is the audio engineer at Euphonic. His Book of Bond, a 3 track tape is the artiste/producer’s musical journey. Listen


Aside Bond and Tonero, Euphonic Sounds is home to artistes TONI and the band To Name A Few. Heare their music below


TONI – End of Time


To Name A Few- Stay Over

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