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Asantewa with one A at the end? That’s an ‘Anomaly’

  • “I’m nearly certain that I’m not normal, I’m almost sure there’s no way I can be fixed. I’m an Anomaly.”

In our world, society expects us to follow conventions and live a ‘normal life’. But what’s ‘normal’ anyway?

On her latest spoken work piece, Poetra Asantewa, née Ama Asantewa Diaka, tackles this subject by reflecting on who she is: An Anomaly. With various anecdotes on how she doesn’t conform to the expectations of society, Poetra speaks for all ‘misfits’ in the world in such honest, reflective and anxiety filled tone: Not conforming comes easy so I’ve never been one to follow rhyme schemes/Sometimes I think I want what passes for normal… Anxiety bends my bones and only I can see it’

She sings with the smoothest voice on the hook of Anomaly, the type you might not easily find a poet with.(I remember expressing my fear about her getting attracted solely to singing than spoken word. She, however, assured me she won’t).

Anomaly is indeed, an epistle to all ‘misfits’, dreamers, ‘crazy’ folks whose dreams have been dismissed by the world before they are even realized. Poetra reminds you, in the end why you shouldn’t give up on your dreams:

 “So this poem’s a one way ticket to you anomaly, You with your dream trapped inside your head   You tricking your body to feign joy so you can live another day                                                                     you forging selves out of your shape-shifting identity                                                                               you squinting hard so you can see the light.            its blurry right now but I know we’d find it”

Listen to Anomaly below :

Written by: MannyFBC and SwayeKidd

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