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An Interview With Nigerian Artist DE BOSS


For the many who have their ears on the Nigerian music scene, the name De Boss wouldn’t be a strange one. The Nigerian born, Texas based rapper is set to release a new album in June. The album would feature G-Unit acts Tony Yayo and Young Buck along other African artistes. De Boss, who has been in the music industry since 2009 has collaborated with African top acts such as Phyno, RunTown and Samini. His track ‘Selewa’ was a breakout tune. Ahead of the release of his album, De Boss shares insight on working on the album, views on modern day trap influenced music and how African artistes can break into the international music market.

 Your album is ready to be released later in the year. How much are you looking forward to it?

Well, music is the job and the album is the Project. So it’s the only thing that matters

What can you share about your forthcoming album, in terms of the whole recording period and any other exciting experiences?

It’s been fun so far from collaborating with new music acts to traveling for video shoots and also meeting great people in the process.

You have some big name artists on the project like Tony Yayo and Yung Buck of G-Unit. How did you get them on the album? And what other artists are you featuring along Yayo and Buck?

There is only one way to get branded name on your project and you have to PAY. Case closed. I have K-Slick (Canada), Olivia Rose Wallace (U.S.A), Mr Criminal (U.S.A), Samini (Ghana) on the project.


You have collaborated with some artists from Africa with Samini (on Salewa) and Phyno coming to mind. Were these features a way for you to introduce yourself to other African music markets?

YES. Salewa with Samini was an introductory single into Ghana, while the songs I have with Runtown and Phyno was recorded  in 2009/2010 back in Enugu – Nigeria where I owned my first studio (Young Money Recs. NIG) which accommodates Phyno and Runtown mostly as producers and other times “rappers”.

 African artist should STOP paying DJ’s and radio stations to play their hard work; that is going about music backwards


How impressed were you by the outcome of these collaborations?

The collaboration with Samini was smooth and fun from the recording to the video. Everything was fun.

What inspired this new album and what themes did you cover on it?

My inspiration has always been from my everyday life, work, things I see and places I have been to. I am tired of the hatred, racism and the manipulation of people’s mind. My album will be speaking big things (Truth) that an average man won’t say for fear of being targeted.

You are a Nigerian born artist based in Texas which gives you a better view of the music wave in both continents. The new wave of Trap music (Mumble rap) is, in the view of rap purists, negative on the culture. Do you feel the same?

Music is Music. Trap, Rap or even Pop. They are all different mediums to relate messages. I am versatile and can jump onto any sound as long as it’s appealing. So here is my message to the so-called Rap Purist “TRAP IS BLACK IN THE LAND WHERE IT ORIGINATED FROM (U.S.A), SO TRUST ME IN THE EYES OF EVERY PURIST, IT’S NEGATIVE. So…. NO, I totally disagree.

Every artists have a way of creating a piece of work. Some create in spontaneity. Others need to be in some space to create. What’s your creative process like when it comes to making music?

When I create music, it’s more of a relaxation technique to the mind and a medium to tell the plain truth.

 Afro-pop is making strong entry into global music including hip hop. The pace is however, slow. What do you think can be done to see African artists also entry the US market?

African artist should STOP paying DJ’s and radio stations to play their hard work; that is going about music backwards. Instead, they should put emphasis on distributing their works online/offline, such as music blogs, newspapers and other online sites like Soundcloud and YouTube, therefore spending that little hard earned money in collaborating with already named brand. Radio stations, DJs even TV stations need your songs to do their everyday business and they should be paying you for that.



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