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Kay-Ara drops new single and video for ‘The Accra City hustle’




Kay-Ara is back! With what feels like a debut after his hiatus from music, the “The Accra City Hustle” video brings the raw, grungy visuals of the city we hate and love to life with a banging theme song to boot.

I mean how can you NOT relate to lines like “‪Charley Accra wey dem born me so Accra be the place where we dey chase money cos the girlies be taste‬” when you’re out on the bitter streets of Accra on your merciless grind?

This feels like a reintroduction of Kay-Ara. For those of you that don’t know the “Me Ko Gye Me Dough” (a song that featured Lil Shaker and Yaa Pono and went on to be premiered on BBC radio) creator, this is a new and refreshing sound in a time where music seems to lack “soul” and for those that DO know the “Phoenix”, it feels so damn good to have him rise out of the ashes again!

Absolute credit goes to Fotombo (Mutombo Da Poet’s videographer alias) for pulling off this video for the culture with such finesse. Top notch production for a top notch artiste.

And oh! Someone point PaeDae in the direction of this video by whispering/tweeting/inception style planting these three words at him:“KAY-ARA IS BACK” (Or is that four words?)

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