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One of the ubiquitous sights of the city of Accra is its trotro-mini commercial buses. Aside trotros serving as the most popular means of transport, they are also spots to test the pulse of the city-the conversations between passengers on various subjects can sometimes, be humorous and enlightening.

The trotro is the most powerful mode of transport in the country. It carries the average Ghanaian, to and fro. The average Ghanaian makes the country work. Ministers, take trotro. Make them better for us- Wanlov, Trotro Blues

In his latest video for his song Trotro Blues, Wanlov and Otuntu offer us a glimpse into the daily happenings in trotro rides. The video opens with a colourful aerial shot of a trotro station. The fast paced capture of the trotros arriving to park is an obvious standout.Pause it, and what you see is a collage-like painting.

Both Wanlov and Otuntu take turns to rap about their trotro experiences such as trotro mates ‘forgetting’ to give passengers change, the dust and fumes that fill the vehicle, the discomfort in sitting in a trotro- as the camera captures some of the interesting sights of the city including trotro station, the newly constructed Nkrumah Highway. The camera angles are also dope.

Did anyone see the wrong spelling of ‘spot fine’? Or the #MannequinChallenge pulled by passengers, driver and his mate? Another standout is how the video ended-the dumsor (blackout) with car lights illuminating the city. Only Wanlov can pull this off.

Watch video below

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