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The year has almost ended. And here I am asking the ‘how-did-we-get-here?’ question. It was some months ago, that we got ushered into the year 2016, clutching on to renewed hopes and dreams. Here we are watching the year 2016 gradually fade into the history chamber.

On the entertainment front, a lot has happened since January. Some good; others bad. One thing, however, remained the same: artists kept dropping music. The jam continued day in, day out. Fans jammed to the hits, and event organizers kept filling venues.

The month of December is the ‘mother’ month of events. Aside the many church activities that greet the latter weeks of the month, artists, labels and event houses have also outline various shows to celebrate the end of the year. Not only do these events serve as outlets for artists to make money, it is also a way to show appreciation and spend time with fans who have had their backs throughout the year.

This post is therefore, to help you know some of the events lined up for this month; the ones you can attend and also help you make plans for them. So, here you go:


M.anifestivities 2016 is happening this Friday Dec 16th and it’ll def be a lituation 🔥 🔥. We almost pulled the plug on this show ’cause honestly it doesn’t make sense financially. However With all the support from m.anifans this year I decided to go forth regardless to show my appreciation.This show is FOR YOU and NEEDS You! Bring all your crews, bring all your cliques, let’s mash it up to end the year. We bring the 🎶 you bring the vibes, and let’s make it the most festive jam of the year. One nation under a groove. Who is coming?! See you this Friday. Much love,  M digidi #godMC #manifans #NowHereCool

A video posted by M.anifest (@manifestive) on Dec 12, 2016 at 5:17am PST


M.anifest has had a good, not good, a great 2016. It was the year he grew too big for his own shoes as the cliché goes. It was also the year he became the ‘king’ slayer with his ‘intellectual’ rhymes, ultimately ordaining himself the ‘god MC’. After the well-advertised ‘beef’ with Sarkodie, M.anifest dropped his highly anticipated ‘No Where Cool’ album to great reviews. After playing concerts both in Ghana and outside, the Madina boy is set to host a concert at the Sandbox Beach, along with his friends. With his profile up through the roof, I expect a bigger crowd this year. M.anifans, this one is for you.



AYAT has done a lot in one year to warrant thee hosting of his own concert. Since breaking out with his major hit IDKY somewhere in November, 2015, he has collaborated with almost everyone who matters on the music scene. The MadFest Concert is therefore, the perfect opportunity to show love to the fans and also, position himself as the ‘dodo’ (monster) of this era.  AYAT has over a dozen of acts to support him on the night. So, if you are fan of AYAT or want to see why many rave about him, be part of those who will converge at Madina No.1 Park on that day and witness the birth of greatness.



Two days of great music and excitement is what is on offer at this year’s Sabolai Radio, formerly Indie Fuse. This year’s event would celebrate psychedelic music from artists such as Jojo Abbot, Tinuke, Worlasi, JaySo among many others. Sabolai Radio, organized by AccradotAlt, has been running since 2010 and each year has come with its own surprises. Sabolai Radio isn’t just a musical concert. It is an experience since you get to enjoy different genres of music whiles meeting up with the ‘cool kids’ the city has to offer. Mark the date and see you there.



Those who attended the Afraba Concert in April, would attest to how LIT the night was. On 23rd December, the Vision Inspired Music (VIM) guys are staging a concert featuring all their musical acts-Reynolds, Tronomie, Robin-Huws, FRA Band, Akotowaa and Adomaa on one stage just to jam the night away. Since coming into force somewhere last year, the label has released a lot of records. Each music act has dropped at least, one tune. And on the night, fans will see them all in action, along with other friends, ready to sell a very good show.



EL and BBnZ are set to roll the 3rd edition of the BAR Concert. As has become a ritual, each BAR tape comes with its own concert. This year, the BBnZ boys are moving the concert to an even bigger ground. After playing at Alliance Francaise and the World Trade Centre respectively, I’m sure they recognize that, the numbers would be huge, so holding it in an enclosed venue won’t be an ideal move. EL, has really worked his ass off this year. After being named the Artistes of the Year, the lanky rapper continued dropping hot singles, videos and performing on some of the bigger stages in Ghana and outside. The BAR 3 concert is the perfect event to cap a good year and say thank you to his ELiens, who have been formidable, showing him love and support every inch of his musical journey.

PS: I hope this time round, the list of underground artists featured on the bill won’t be as tall as that of last year. And hopefully, their performances won’t kill the vibe on the night.



Ignore the fact that Sarkodie, after making songs about the economic hardships Ghanaians are facing in 2016, decided to sojourn to the US for holiday as we queued to vote. 2016 has been an eventful year for Sark-his beef with M.Dot was epic. From playing shows and yes, selling Apollo Theatre in New York and filling the 02 Arena in UK, Sark is finally wrapping it up with his Rapperholic Concert. Expect the auditorium of the AICC to be kept LIT by Sark, who has perfected his act over these years, as well as some of the finest rappers in town. Get your budget right though.



Stonebwoy, BHIM Nation honcho has had an incredible year. From dropping an album, numerous singles and features to winning the 2016 BET International Act (African) and many other awards, his hunger continues unabated. From a humble beginning till date, Stonebwoy has been one of the forces behind the current explosion of dancehall music in the country. Hosting a concert to celebrate this success is a worthy act. Trust the BHIM Nation fans to troop to the AICC on the said day in droves.

Despite being thrilled by all this ‘juice’ about to be served on us, I still wish to point some few things I hope organisers of these shows would take note of. Although, these concerns are like wounds which never heal, it is worth mentioning them again:

  1. Shows should start on time. It’s absolutely frustrating attending a show which starts many hours late from the time advertised.
  2. Security should be taken serious and fans who pay to be at the shows must be treated with respect. There have been occasions where patrons of an event have been treated with contempt.
  3. Technical aspect of the event must also be taken note of-sound especially.
  4. Artists on the bill must give their best on the night. It’s painful to pay for an event only to be served a mediocre show.

It’s a packed December. Make a pick and start making plans of concerts to attend. Hope to bump into you somewhere.


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