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“Hommie Hommie can I trust you with all me? Can I lose you to money?  Wey tin wey go spoil we now?”

Hommie, Hommie is a rap song by Klu and it best describes our relationship with our friends; precisely our real friends. Yes, we all have love for our real friends but the real question is and always has always been – “Real friends, how many of us?”

On ‘Hommie Hommie’ off his project “Art, Bitchhhh”, Klu asks “will your real friends do that? Will they hold you down and then vim you up?”

Would yours really do that though?

How many of your friends truly mean it when they say they got your back? How many of them would put their hand on their chest and voice out this lyrics  “Nobody go cross we on God, I swear them go lose jaw”


The video shows Klu and his “homies” ( Abladzo Kwame and Kobby) making some “gari prinna” as mentioned in the song. Seemed like a moment after a long game of FIFA where someone brought the groups attention to the fact they hadn’t eaten; “ Charley e be me p3 I dey hung or e be the goals I swallow today wey dey trigger this?”
I’d like to describe it as a Bromance song, and it sure is a nice tune by the KCMG artist worthy of being dedicated to your real friends.


Urban Dictionary Breaking down the term “Homie”

Watch Video (directed by Archery) below:

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