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THE CUTS brings you a short, unbiased review of music and videos from Ghanaian and  African artistes each week. Once it is dope, it will be featured here



There’s something mystic about music from the Sahelian and North African sub-region. The griot-like compositions and its accompanying sounds have a soothing effect on the soul of the listener. And one of such beautiful tunes is by Juslin Likaki’s Congo Mboka Kitoko, which I found on Soundcloud.

Produced by Red Room, a Rabat based music studio and Baklawa Music, Congo Mboka Kitoko opens with a soothing guitar rhythms punctured by handclaps and sublime drumbeats before the arrival of the voice of Juslin Likaka and Patricia Mwumbi Bakezy, who croon either solo or in unison. Singing entirely in French, the song carries a sad tone (I may be wrong since I’m illiterate when it comes to French. I’m just guessing). By the title, I guess it’s an ode to his native land, Congo.

Juslin is from Kishasha (DR Congo) and has spent many years shaping his musical talent in Morocco. One peculiar instrument which permeates his music are the drums of his motherland, which in time past served as means of communication.






Azonto is a well-known dance in Ghana. The name is also a slang for fakes. On No Azontos Allowed, the fakes incur Ko-Jo Cue’s wrath. Although the song has been out for some months, the video was released a few days ago.

Ko-Jo Cue is shown walking through a vegetable farm (somewhere in Dzorwulu I guess) before a long shot of him in an open space dressed in all black (mourning the fakes?). The Sam 1 and Jeneral Jay video features only Ko-Jo Cue (no freinds) rapping about fake and jealous friends ‘brother who say them got my back, but when I turn around they fugazi’ and how hate chatters can’t kill his vibe ‘And this year I’m not being humble. This year I no go take BS’.

One of the best scenes of the video was the car ride where Cue had his head out the passenger seat rapping. Cool stuff.  When I asked Cue why the farm stroll, his answer was simple: no beef. Just salad. Getting greens…’ Seems Ko-Jo Cue is living by this Booker T. Washington quote: Associate yourself with people of good quality. For it is better to be alone than in bad company.

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