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The Cut bring to readers each week music or albums that the writer deem worth listening or having in your playlist. The music is not genre and/or regionally specific. Once it is good, it will be covered here.



Since aiding the rise of Mr. Eazi with his unique and soul catching productions, DJ Juls’ profile has been on the rise-even though he’s been ‘killing’ it for years.

His latest work, With You, carries the unmistakable Juls signature sound of nostalgic highlife grooves blended with modern afrobeats affectations. it features fellow producer/singer Maleek Berry (Nigeria) and two GH boys in Stonebwoy and Eugy (whom he has worked with on prior records).

The video to the song marries the Poka Arts created animation and ‘live’ visuals of Juls and the boys in a bunker party setting.

What is worth applauding the director, Nelson Tshisz for his brilliance- allowing the animation works to carry the story and placing the ‘live’ visuals along as aesthetics or ‘enhancers’. I doubt I’ve not seen a video made in this fashion before (perhaps I have yet can’t recall).



Quayba is a phenom!

For anyone who has heard the her few scattered songs and/or seen her perform live, the above statement won’t be contested. Few days ago, with the sensational Musical Lunatics, Quayba gave my non-eye batting declaration impetus with her acoustic propelled, emotive ballad ‘Broken Voice’ produced by Nii Quaye (part of Musical Lunatics).

Choosing a style that even the best of singers avoid, Quayba delivered a tune that defined the meaning of ‘low notes ‘, encapsulating the song title -Broken Voice. Her ability to hit with flawless fervour those notes is partly as a result of her many years as a backing artistes for some of GH acts you may never know about. In short, Quayba is 70% talent, 30% practice.

And @7Giocondo summed it up in this tweet

People, listen to @quayba sing. If you don’t think it Celine Dion reincarnated come for your money. https://t.co/X6HIAq8Ruu

— DWTW (@7Giocondo) October 5, 2016



I have written and spoken more about VI Music that my buddy @forksafo jestingly thinks I’m a ‘paid promoter’ for the label. I wish I am though.

One of the most serious- if not the most serious- music label around, VI Music has been steadily growing, its artistes continually evolving and their music, getting even better. In fact, they are living the ‘Vision’ in their name.

The VIM’Tape is a ‘compilation of your favs with instrumentations, remixes and new material’. If you want a full grasp of what the fuss about VI Music is, the VIM’Tape is the best answer to your curiosity.




A lot of conversations (reviews) have been shared on the latest album by M.anifest. He has enthusiastically described the album as one that should ‘make him happy and rich’. I haven’t listened to the album in full (shame on me right?) so I’ve held back on sharing my views. However, one song on Nowhere Cool which I gravitated towards first was Ozymandias. The reason: Paapa.

I’m sure many don’t know who Paapa is. In my books, he is your quintessential artistes.One of the best of his generation. Let google help you discover him. This isn’t the first time the pair had worked. On his Apae mixtape, M.anifest enlisted Paapa on the hook of my personal favorite ‘Right’ Here’.

If iron sharpeth iron is a statement of fact albeit a cliche, the two brought the best in each other. Paapa’s hook is succinct and crisply delivered, fitting the song title. M.anifest also ensured he has wrapped up his raps to sit well with Paapa’s. Both the rap and hook gives you an idea of what the song is about but if you still want enough flesh, just listen again

*Side note* I think Brymo’s should do his own version of *Goodbye*; a full version by him would be exceptionally soothing (don’t get me wrong, I think M.anifest killed his verses too). That, must happen even if Brymo must be begged *looks for his petition sheet*.

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