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THE CUTS brings you a short, unbiased review of latest music and videos from Ghanaian artistes and artistes from other African regions each week. Once it is dope, it will be featured here



The STEP (StanEdd EP) is a six track EP with songs as diverse in genre as Afrobeats, pop, reagge vibes. One tune that incorporates all these influences is Tonight. Tonight celebrates womanhood and love.

Boasting of horns, drums, high hats (which I suspect was recorded live), StanEdd’s falsetto voice cut through the beats effortlessly; showering praises on a lady and her beauty. He also borrows and flips the hook to Fela Kuti’s ‘Lady’ his own way.

Tonight, produced by Gomez is one of the best tunes off The STEP. It’s enchanting, beautifully arranged and irresistibly groovy. And StanEdd reminds me of a certain Chase. Listen to it at full volume.



I saw the link to this song on the timeline of @Truecoaster. It proved not a waste of bundle after clicking on the link and listening to this song. I don’t know who D-Boi is (first time seeing his name) but In That Order is indeed worth your ears.

D-Boi serves a Bryson Tiller Trapsoul vibe fused with some energetic raunchy raplines. With lyrics like ‘Asking shoddy what’s for dinner? /She said LOL me’ and lets ‘roll up, make love, eat, in that order’, D-Boi offers a peek into what the tune is all about. Perhaps, if D-Boi had chosen all singing rather than sing-and-rap style would have been in order.






Eyshun uses the metaphor of a fisherman (and his job) to advice and inspire all to row forward towards their destination (aim) despite the odds. Fisherman, is purely a highlife tune, thanks to its beautifully laid Yaa Amponsah guitar works, the overall beats and the chorus. Eyshun sings in both Fante and English likewise Adomaa.

Shot at the Jamestown beach, the director Mickey Johnson (of MotionEye Films) brings to us, in part, the life and activities of the fisher folks of Jamestown. Eyshun plays the role of a young fisherman with Adomaa as a fish seller (monger). What makes this video appealing is how the director ropes in ‘life at the shore’ moments- kids playing football, mending nets, the market scene- as well as the whole 60s fashion sense of Eyshun and Adomaa.

Watch the video below




The first time I heard his name was during the album listening for Adomaa’s Afraba EP last year. He was credited as the composer on Adoom’s operatic tune ‘Hollow Spaces’. His latest single (released some weeks ago) showcases a crooner with the talent to grow into a huge artiste.

From the endearing guitar riffs, the booming churchy chorus, the blending of afro-beats, rock and pop elements and the cherry atop the cake-the booming voice of Tronomie- makes this song about hope and triumph a moving tune.Breaking Bars is described as ‘a challenge to Christian creatives to avoid cheap imitation, strive for the production of quality art and to use their work to tackle issues people would rather they not’.

One has to appreciate Tronomie’s ability to master control over his voice, bending it to etch an effect on the listener’s ears. With Breaking Bars, Tromonie has unleashed not only a morning kick-starter but a tune to inspire you whenever you hit a snag.


ODUNSI – LOVERMAN feat BlackMagic


If you are still not sold on the hype over the debut EP of producer and singer Odunsi’s TOOL (Time of Our Lives), you better take time off and listen to the tape. The song arrangement makes it almost impossible to skip. And one of the standout tracks that might blow you away is the ragga-tinged LoverMan feat Blackmagic.

The chiming guitar synths and the heavy kick and bass-trademarks of ragga-coupled with the mellow, easy and catchy lyrics delivered in a casual manner by Odunsi makes it one tune for the summer.


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