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Slim “the Dancing’ Buster has chalked some good fortunes within the music scene thanks to some of the hits songs he released during his active years. Songs such as Georgina,  Masherita, Baaba, Etoile  enjoyed rotation on various radio stations, with some finding their way onto charts shows. But, none was as huge and remembered as his single M’asan Aba.

The dancer-turned singer –he won the 1986 National Dance competition- released his first major hit song M’asan Aba off his second album in the year 2000. His first album, released in 1998 was poorly received.

M’asan Aba broke through the music scene based on two reasons 1) Slim Buster was smart enough to craft his song by borrowing and/or incorporating hiphop drums on a highlife beat and 2) he drafted Tic Tac, one of the wavy rappers on the scene at that time on the song. These two factors resonated with the youth around that era who were embracing the new hiplife culture.

Slim Buster’s ‘M’asan Aba bothered on the theme of love-a man begging his girlfriend/wife to take him back after realizing his mistakes. A theme which also seemed to have resonated with the Ghanaian populace. Whiles the song received traction across the few but major radios across the country, the video was also receiving rotation on the few TV stations around especially Metro TV.


I first saw the video for M’asan Aba on Metro TV’s Advertising Cycle and because it was a good video (going by that era) and being a hit song, it was one of the most popular Ghanaian music video that was shown frequently on that TV Market show. The video was shot by ace music video director, Abraham Ohene-Djan.

The video concept did not mirror the lyrics of the song. Most times, the easy way out would be to film a simple love-gone-wrong-Ohene-Djan chose to have both Slim Buster, his backing dancers and Tic Tac in an open place, in a fire circle, dishing out their well-choreographed dance moves.

What made the video memorable was not the dance moves. It was not the seeming camaraderie that was evident between Slim Buster and Tic Tac. It was the all-white garbs worn by all those featured in the video and yes, the fires against the dark night. And OM Studios also made sure they added some gloss over the video aside the good directorial works.

*couldn’t find the video except the audio. Listen

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