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VISION INSPIRED MUSIC Record Label has ended its unique #TripleTreatTuesday campaign with the release of another three amazing singles for the month of July. This campaign is the first of its kind in Ghana, with the fast-rising record label having now released an incredible 9 songs from 6 of its acts from May through to July.

July’s releases began with the label’s gospel act, Omari, taking us to church with his ‘Give Thanks.’ ‘Give Thanks’ is a reminder to always be appreciative of what God has done and continues to do in our lives, and is artistically crafted to a groovy reggae tempo. The song was produced by TheGentleman and played by the FRA! band. (Listen here)

The second release of the month is by the ever-gleeful and festive band, FRA! ‘Happy Yourself’ is a cross between the old school and new school, and is as infectious tune make this an ideal follow up to May’s hit song, ‘Dumsor.’  TheGentleman also worked his production magic on this one. Listen here
The final treat to crown the Triple Treat campaign is the powerful ‘Breaking Bars’ from composer/arranger Tronomie, who takes the step from out of the shadows into a full-fledged solo artiste! ‘Breaking Bars’ is a challenge to all Christian creatives to do more than is conventionally expected with their gifts and art. The piece was jointly produced by TheGentleMan, Drumroll and Tronomie himself. Listen here

All 3 songs were mixed and mastered by ace Ghanaian producer Drumroll (EL’s ‘All Black’ and ‘King Without A Crown’ among others).

For further updates and information kindly visit our website: www.officialvimusic.com.

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