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#IFKR was born through the upsurge in the appreciation of local talents, especially for artists who dare to do something different! It is made up of a duo, DJ K3V (@DJ_K3V) and DJ eff (@effthedj), who have both carved a reputation for themselves in the promotion and superb mixing of local and international house music.

Omi Gbono (meaning “hot water”), is the first single off #IFKR’s debut mixtape project titled U Have No Idea which seeks to bring together some of Ghana’s up and coming young talent in collaboration with local and international producers to create energetic, vibrant and soulful Afro-fusion House music.

This particular song was done in collaboration with Odunsi The Engine (@odunsitheengine), a young industrious Nigerian artist who will also be releasing his debut EP titled “Time Of Our Lives” later this month.

For bookings and further information, you can reach #IFKR through their manager, Nylla Oforiwaa Amparbeng via:

Email – fxpgh233@gmail.com

Number – +233 268 129 091(whatsapp only) / +233 500 017 525

Twitter – @fxp_ghana



DJ K3V and DJ Eff  who make up the music duo #IFKR have created a party banger for music lovers across the country Omi  Gbono carries an afro-fusion house music influence and features Nigerian artiste and producer Odunsi the Engine.

For ravers within the city, the producers of the song are no strangers. They have been playing music at some of the best spots in Accra for a while and have carved a following for themselves. Odunsi the Engine, whose debut EP TOOL (Times Of Our Lives) would be released this month, is gradually permeating the Ghanaian music scene courtesy his production works for some Ghanaian artistes.

‘I’m in my zone tell your friends/ Nuti Tono/ Omo ke kere yata agbalaba wojuno/Drinks everywhere/boys want to you know/And we have the girls hot like Omi Gbono’

Omi Gbono is the first single off their soon to be released debut mixtape ‘U Have No Idea’. With its pounding beat and electro-synths and simple and go-happy lyrics delivered by Odunsi in both English and Yoruba, Omi Gbono is definitely the kind of song which not only invite you to get you in the party mood but get stuck in your head for days.


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