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THE CUTS brings you a short, unbiased review of latest music and videos from Ghanaian artistes and artistes from other African regions each week. Once it is dope, it will be featured here.



VGMA 2016 Artiste of the Year, EL, has within three days, released two songs which many describe as subliminal shots to Sarkodie. The first song, Talk Don’t Bother Me (TDBM), released on Monday, is a telephone-styled conversation between EL and his ‘mum’, with the rapper responding to numerous speculations about himself and career- the recent beef between Sark and M.Dot, denies his relationship with TV Personality Berla Mundi and the fame.

Notable Line: They throw shots cos they can’t touch what they can’t see/The reason why they hate on me is few letters: Envy’



Released on Wednesday, Love God is a bit mellow and introspective. EL reminds all why he does music and how far his efforts had brought him- from writing ‘lines’ to ‘verses’ to ‘chapters’ of rhymes- as well as how friends who never helped want to eat with him now. Hinting at the release of his third BAR mixtape, EL speaks about ignoring those taking shots at him. Love God is EL showing off a bit whiles praising God for his successes.

Notable Line: If kings are made I guess a fella should practice/Shook rappers act wild, they look savage/ Best rapper every year, they know I could have it’



Gemini Orleans plays the peace broker, calling on the beefing parties to squash their beef on Cease Fire. Gemini, before proceeding into his unstoppable, supersonic rap, wonders how Sark and M.Dot found the time to record diss tracks yet haven’t laid a verse on music he sent them. He outlines why egos do collide in rap; the depth of talents of the two rappers and why the game doesn’t deserve divisions. I must admit, Gemini really went in hard on this tune.



Notable Line: Smoke a peace pipe for the average numbers/Smoke all the fights we having with others/ And don’t let Peace hide cos she be family


Ian Jazzi adds his voice to the on-going beef on his song Non-Believer, which borrows the Frank Ocean hook off No Church in The Wild. On the song, Ian Jazzi criticizes the both M.Dot and Sark for making claims they don’t measure up to; attacks the music industry which overlooks talents and friends who don’t support their friend artistes. Non-Believer is Ian Jazzi talking up his lyrical credentials for all ‘who have been sleeping on him’.

Notable Line: We all gods only kings get to rule the earth/knowledge of self is major key’


One of the best song concept to come off the back of this beef is King Vs God by Kula. Kula creatively focuses on the debate that the beef has generated among fans and pitches two fans-one for each artiste-to put forth reasons they think make their favourite artiste the best or winner of the contest. With its witty lyrics and obvious references, Kula succeeds in bringing some level of fun to a tense situation.




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