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Rapper/Producer JaySo set records straight

Rapper/Producer JaySo set records straightv

Rapper and Producer JaySo states fact for beef between rappers Sarkodie’s and M.anifest on new single, Preach 

When rapper Sarkodie, a few days ago released ‘Kanta’, a response to M.anifest’s diss track ‘god MC’, one man who chose to remain silent on the issue was JaySo despite his privileged position.

JaySo, who has worked with both artistes -and is close to them- as a producer and fellow rapper chose to play it safe due to his relationship with these two artistes. But, it seems the silence had an expiration period.

Tuesday evening at 23:10 Hrs -, the award winning producer released PREACH, to set the record straight on the on-going ‘beef’.

You not a real king if you claim that you are

And you are a false prophet if you claim you’re the god

Preach which samples Jay Z’s ‘Take Over’ instrumentation had JaySo breaking down the real story behind the beef. On the song, JaySo talks about playing the beats for ‘Bossy’ to M.anifest in April, 2016. The beat  was eventually used by rapper Sarkodie, resulting in the M.anifest’s name drop which led to the beef.

‘I play the Bossy for your man,
Way back in April’
Told me it was hot
Way back in April
Even told you it was props Sark gave you
Way back in April
So why a diss track?

A not enthused JaySo questioned the existing friendship between him and M.anifest: Took shot on a track that had me in/ And you supposed to be a friend?’ whiles accusing him of being ‘hateful’ and indulging in beefing for publicity.

JaySo levelled criticism at Sarkodie for riding the Azonto wave and bragging about his privileged position in the music industry, concluding by asking rappers what impact they have had on developing young talents- something he, through his Skillions Records, had done. It was apt he mentioned legendary producer Hammer, Last 2-who has developed many talents into superstars- in this regard (what have you done for the culture?/ How many rappers you brought up? / How many have you helped?)

Click link to listen to PREACH (TakeOver Cover) https://soundcloud.com/jaysoskillions/preach

JaySo also hit out at rappers who don’t pay producers for work done as well as reminding today’s rappers of the pioneers of now lucrative GH Rap (hip hop).

‘We made GH Rap advance whiles you niggaz were dancing. Now you wanna take the throne? / Abi what happened?

If there was any better person to speak and throw facts on how this whole beef began and eventually bubbled over, JaySo is the prime person to do so. And on Preach, he didnt just throw light on its genesis but so fairly pitched blame were necessary; all in an effort to set the records straight.PREACH!

*JaySo produced among many songs Bossy, Lay Away, Borga for Sarkodie. He produced Mind Game, Ebei and co-produced Someway Bi for M.anifest.

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