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M.anifest, Reynolds,Akotowaa, Robin-Huws, Poetyk Prynx


Ghana twitter woke up today to a new tune from award winning rapper, M.anifest with many interpreting the lyrics as a clap back to fellow rapper Sarkodie who ‘called’ out M.anifest on his song ‘Bossy’.

Soon after its release at 9:30 am, Thursday, god MC became the number one trending topic on Ghana twitter with fans tweeting the lyrics and expressing their views about the song.

M.anifest on ‘god MC’ sounded aggressive and livid, waxing lyrically, dropping punchlines and brilliant wordplay about his talents and why these other rappers aren’t on the same level as him over an afro-trap, horns driven beat by Dream Jay: ‘Even my nonfa (unintelligent) back then had sense in it/The difference between me and them, you’re sensing it’.

M.Dot finally ended his verse by ‘returning’ a favour Sarkodie extended him on Bossy’ sarcastically flipping Sarkodie’s signature tagline: You know the time it is? Later!

Notable Line: Don’t measure your pen with mineS, you pantomime and asinine, you wanna be king? Get your ass in line/These no be bars, I’m just passing time’



Vision Inspired (VI) Music released the second installment of their monthly ‘Triple Treat Tuesday’ series featuring songs from their in-house producer and singer Reynolds (The GentleMan), spoken word artiste/poet Akotowaa and singer Robin-Huws.


Reynolds has over these periods supervised, as a producer most of the releases from VI Music including the widely received ‘Afraba’ EP by Adomaa and her various mash-ups. Stepping out of his production role, ‘The GentleMan’, on his single ‘This Morning’ talks about the benefits of hard work.

This Morning, sang in pidgin, has an afro-pop and R&B vibe with live guitar and drum works that would get you doing your one, two step.

Notable line: Manner no dey fall like the olden days, but hardwork still go pay’


AKOTOWAA- IWITP (I Wasn’t In The Pictures) feat Meffstone

Akotowaa is one of the few spoken word artistes who leave you spellbound with her brilliantly woven and intelligent poems. Her performances has made her one of the topmost poets around. And she proved it on her new piece IWITP.

IWITP features singer Meffstone, whose scintillating crooning offers a glimpse into what the track is about: being excluded or overlooked.

Over a guitar riffs, Akotowaa showcases another side of her; she raps rather than reading her words; with each line highlighting her frustrations at getting excluded from a group of people like you don’t belong.

For those who have followed her ‘rants’ on twitter, hearing her talk about this subject is not really shocking.

Notable lines:

What is it about us that make us passive to people who just want to be noticed? Like our social lenses is out of focus?

They always told me lies that I belong to their kind. Said there was room room for me to squeeze inside.



Piano chords surround this soul burrowing Robin-Huws single ‘A Fading Dream’.  Delivered in a falsetto voice, Robin-Huws, in an emotive manner touches on the theme of fighting or struggling to keep a dream alive. Robin, a singer, songwriter and guitarist knows how to help set emotions on the loose. The only criticism is his falsetto sometimes make it impossible to hear his words.

Notable line: You will come to pass. No matter what they say. After all was built by me


POETYK PRYNX – FOUR21 feat UgeneKay

According to Poetyk Prynx, his spoken word tune, Four 21 which features fellow poet, UgeneKay is ‘basically about poets, wordsmiths, lyricists and writers; how powerful they are with their arts and their struggle’.

Prynx, who is also a multi-instrumentalist and UgeneKay open Four 21 by defining poetry and poets (in one word) before jumping into the piece; describing the strenuous efforts and sacrifices poets make towards creating or writing a poem.

The cadence in the delivery and the exchanges between the two is praise-worthy.  Poetyk Prynx and UgeneKay definitely gave poets and all creatives reason to continue with their hustle.

Noted Line: In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth and said, let there be light, and there came poets’


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