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THE CUTS brings you a short, unbiased review of latest music and videos from Ghanaian artistes and artistes from other African regions. Once it is dope, it will be featured here.


Top: Kwame Write, AYAT, Mr. Eazi

Down: MsBRedd, AnsahLive, Mutombo DaPoet


AYAT feat KaySo – IDKY

Finally, the long awaited video from rapper AYAT and KaySo IDKY (I Don’t Know You) has been released. The song, released in November, has gradually built itself into a street anthem for all out there ‘grinding’.

The video, shot in his neighbourhood of Madina- No. 3, close Hannah School and Melcolm- features friends and fans, bike stunts, dabbing and appearances by rappers C-Real, M,anifest and legendary producer Hammer.

AYAT and KaySo captured their stories -by placing their ‘come up’ days where they rode bike to studios and getting overlooked to ‘now we here’ moment-where they are in a well-equipped studio recording music.  What is appealing about IDKY video is the energy of the people and the captured sights and sounds of his hood-Madina.



Poet Mutombo, addresses every writers affliction-Writers Block- in this under two-minute video. Accompanied by his loud thoughts, a topless Mutombo finds himself in the middle of the street (I believe somewhere in North Kaneshie), struggling to get his thoughts on paper. At the end, viewers get to see what he had fought to write: During Writers Block. Ermm, was Tombolo trying to show us his newly acquired 6 packs?



Wona Mama is a political tune about corruption and decaying economies. Poet, Kwame Write and anti-corruption advocate Wanlov outline reasons why Ghana is under stress.

Shot mostly around Brazil House in James Town-which, according to the video description epitomizes the decaying economy of Ghana- the video shows graffiti works, James Town landing beach and the Light House as well as a bit of Ga culture at the end of the video.

Watch video here 



6 tracks of spoken word poetry and music with features from Kidi, MzFu and Ria Boss make up MsBRedd’s latest EP, Anchor. Themes covered stretches from Rediscovery (Phoenix), Love (Blunt Daggers), Self-Worth (Bargaining Chips), Pain (Don’t Dance In The Rain) and Memories (The View).

Produced by JaySo (3 tracks) and Yung Fly (2 tracks), Anchor carries a melancholic breeze. MsBRed’s fluffy and emo-tinged wispy voice evokes a sense of pitiful vulnerability (‘Don’t dance in the rain/ the rain will get you bad/ expose your under garment and then your soul’). Anchor is a good attempt albeit not overwhelming.



On Purple Label + Muse, Ansah Live- whose UltraMarine Dream EP-won him fans allows his liquor induced fantasies to wild out over a dance and trap beats, tastefully put together by his producer/collaborator LiquidBeatz. Purple Label + Muse features Steve French and together bring out a good vibe off the song. The single needs a video. All I’m saying.


EAZI feat Sarkodie – ANOINTING

After days of announcing its release, Mr. Eazi finally dropped the video for his latest ‘Anointing’ featuring rapper Sarkodie. The song has received traction thanks to its infectious rhythms courtesy DJ Juls and Mr. Eazi’s simple, sing-along lyrics.

Anointing is shot in a bunker, where Mr. Eazi cuddles, dances and sometimes contemplate with and about the girl he’d shower her the anointing. The concept isn’t intriguing but that is compensated for by the clean visuals.











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