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JAYSO – 0106


A couple of months back during the premiering of ‘Little Monsters’ video and the official launch of his album Making Tasha Proud, I posed a question to JaySo: whether it was deliberate on his part to produce almost entirely his debut album. His answer was short and simple: the producers he asked beats from did not send it perhaps surprised (by the request) and unsure of what to send (they didn’t know if he’d love them, after all how do you impress a beat master?).

On his latest 6 track birthday gift pack to fans EP ‘0106’ (released on 1st June, his birthday), JaySo raps over beats made by some of the best young producers around-MikeMillzOnEm, YungFly, Druvmroll (Drumroll) with only DJ Juls as the ‘veteran’.

0106 is a pick up from where JaySo left off on MTP in terms of content and sound. JaySo had things to say and he did let it out on most of the tracks beginning with the opener 0106 ‘All you fake lyricists/[I] told you the business is ours/Who made you king? [Sit down]/ Who’s bearing witness and how? /Who’s daring different/we all know empty barrels be loud’

JaySo wasn’t done addressing fellow rappers especially those who make ‘anything give it to the Djs and add a little money’- as payola.  He also went for critics who said he won’t amount to anything on the YungFly produced Freestyle featuring AKAN specifically calling out music producer Appietus rapping: ‘Appietus you ought to be ashamed of yourself/the impudence you should have played your role boy! /Oh you ain’t feeling my instruments? /well, that’s funny you stole my beats and I kept it on the low boy’.

For those who don’t know the backstory to this line; Appietus at the height of his glory dismissed hip hop (GH Rap) as transient and that JaySo-who has been pushing the genre as wasting his time. Time has smiled on JaySo and diminished Appietus.

There are also instances on 0106 where JaySo kept it wickedly short like on ‘Beauty’ featuring TiTi-signee to SKillions Records. Her voice sounded super glossy and I can’t wait for her debut single.

Don’t want to talk much about it. Here for you to stream or download.


VI MUSIC TREAT: Vision Inspired Music Label decided to treat music lovers to three singles from three artistes on their labels in May and they delivered on their promise. This is in line with their plan of releasing 9 songs from 6 artistes between May to July. 3 songs in each month.

In May, the label released songs by FRA Band, Rubin-Huws and 2016 Unsung Artiste Adomaa. The first single is a love song titled ‘Dumsor’ performed by FRA Band. Dumsor is a local term for blackouts (lights-off). As a song title, it’s being used to describe the discomfort or void the absence a lover brings. It is unmistakably afro pop cast in the mould of Fela Kuti with a bit of rock mixed within.


The second song released is a guitar driven, emotion stirring soul ballad by Robin-Huws, who’s gradually winning my people over with his talent. ‘See Her Again’ is a tribute to his late mother where he recounts found memories of her ‘I pray Lord help me to wake her up again… See Her Again, I’ll tell her every day I love her’. Touching.


Adomaa complete the triple treat with her Yenkor, an uptempo tune produced by Odunsi. The song is described as one for the youth who are swimming against the tide chasing their dreams. Horns, danceable grooves and inspiring lyrics adorn this music. Odunsi, gye wo two (take your two thumbs).


ELI MUZIK feat Wanlov – Gold Coast

It was last year that afro soul artiste, Elimuzik released his conscience pricking, environmentally focused single ‘Gold Coast’. The song brings to fore the actions of people that makes our beaches-and by extension the country an eyesore.

He released the video for the song on May 31. Like the lyrics of the song, the video is very raw and unapologetic. From Eli squatting on the beach practicing open air defecation, to the many plastic waste that adorn the coastlines and animals feeding on anything they find along the shore, the video amply captured the reality at our beaches.

Wanlov being buck naked with John Mahama’s head as a censoring image in the video was not surprising. Eli exposing a bit of his butt was something I never imagined him doing (nothing wrong though). And that teddy bear draped in Ghana colours (to rep Ghana) watching all unfold was funny and creative. Good job guys. Brilliant stuff.





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