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The debate between Ghana and Nigeria, over who cooks the best jollof is about to be settled by Afro-pop artiste, Sister Deborah with her new single ‘Ghana Jollof’.

Produced by Kuvie (KuvieMadeTheBeat), Ghana Jollof, co-written by Wanlov (her brother and musician) carries an infectious mellow afro-trap bounce and appealing melody as well as humour ridden lyrics; a trademark of the African Mermaid. The artwork for the song is designed by award winning artist Bright Ackwerh.

With a strong sense of observation, the ‘Uncle Obama’ hit maker is able to see things from more than one perspective; a quality that has resulted in the creation of her new single ‘Ghana Jollof’ and other songs like Borla and Kikoliko.

A well-known TV presenter and fashion icon in Ghana, Sister Deborah has found a way to exquisitely blend her many talents in design, mentoring, modeling, presenting and tourism. She also supports various humanitarian and philanthropic initiatives in Ghana.

Her new single ‘Ghana Jollof’ was released, Tuesday 17th May, 2016.

Written By: IBRAHIM MUNIRU (@Swayekidd)

The Jollof record is about to be set straight!



‘Ghana Jollof, yummy/Nigerian Jollof de3 it taste funny’. With that, Sister Deborah finally put a closure on all debates about which country cooks or has the best jollof. The Jollof War between Ghana and Nigeria has been raging for a while now-one of the new additions to the many subjects of debate between the citizens of these two countries.

On Ghana Jollof, Sister Deborah deliberately raps in short, slow and mocking manner, obviously emphasizing the awesomeness of Ghana Jollof-taste, colour and how to eat it (with fingers or fork) compared to Nigerian Jollof which she describes as ‘extremely white, snow white, Dencia White’  over a Kuvie (KuvieMadeTheBeat) mellow, 808 driven afro-trap beat.


One of the remarkable qualities of Sister Deborah is her wittiness and that was not lacking on Ghana Jollof. Humorous lyrics such as ‘I have the secret recipe no Maggie cube. When your Naija boy chases me don’t blame juju’ mocks and states facts in same vain.

Aside drawing inspiration for the song from the eternal jollof war between Ghana and Nigeria, Sister Deborah was also inspired by Princess Vitareh’s popular song ‘Nigerian Pussy’.

With Ghana Jollof, Sister Deborah has gotten the facts out formally: The only jollof known to the world is Ghana Jollof.

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