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The Cut bring to readers a weekly music or albums list by mostly but not limited to Ghanaian artistes which this writer deem worth listening to or having on your playlist. The music are not genre and/or region specific. One it is good, it will be featured here.

WORLASI – ONE LIFE feat Sena Dagadu, Six Strings


For a young artiste whose debut EP (Nuse) received such resounding notes of approval from a cross-section of people including some big and respected artistes, one would feel the pressure to prove himself would weigh heavy on him. Not for this songwriter, singer, rapper and producer called Worlasi. The acknowledgements rather were endorsement for what he is doing-conscious music that resonate with humanity.

On his new single, Worlasi finds strength within himself, creating another thought provoking, introspective song around a theme which every person falls victim to: death.

On One Life, Worlasi sings in his mother tongue- Ewe about the transient nature of life, enjoying life and being grateful for the blessings life brings, even if it’s insignificant.

In the video shot by Abstrakt, Worlasi is on a train ride, with other passengers singing whiles capturing the lives of those living along the rail track. The video follows the life of a young boy who was sacked from school for not paying his fees. He reached home only to meet the mourning of his mum.

Abstrakt and Worlasi deliberately bring you shots of their ‘hoods’ along the Achimota and Dome railways. As well as capturing the pleasures of childhood-the kids driving that old, worn out car in a very organic, non-staged way.

And who better to feature on such a song than the phenomenal Sena Dagadu, who adds her beautiful thoughts (voice) to this moving song with Six String adding some lush guitar grooves over the song.

For me, Worlasi riding in a train is a metaphor: that the journey in life is a long one but comes to a halt.




Ask who is the Oseikrom President and the answer; Reggie Rockstone. However, it appears the crown has been passed on by Reggie Rockstone to one of his ‘sons’. The new Oseikrom President is no other than Ko-Jo Cue-the accolade is befitting since he is an ‘Oseikrom’ (Kumasi) boy proper.

Ko-Jo Cue didn’t snatch the title from Reggie. Reggie ‘conferred’ it in him as Cue cleverly sampled and referenced a line on a classic Reggie oldie ‘3y3 Mo d3 Anaa’? (Are You Feeling It?), a song on which Reggie declared himself ‘Oseikrom President’.

Ko-Jo Cue proves why he deserves the crown by bringing everything we know him on the song.

Over this mellow hip hop beat, The BBnZ signee majestically brags, dares, exhibits his punch line and clever rhyme skills. Lines such as ‘still the king of clever lines/I mean, I rule it/Checki angles/wo y3 Pre-tech/My drawing game is stupid’.

Again, Cue laces a dope line referencing the big hits off Usher Raymond’s Confession album. With that said, all hail the Young Daddy Lumba who is now the Oseikrom President. What a leap!

Download song here



All those who heard Fricky’s Collector’s Item album two years ago would agree he is a talented MC, with great lyrical depth. After being quiet for a while, he is back with a new song, Moving On.

Fricky bares it all out-his relationships with friends, state of music, success that is bound to come and frustrations of a young rapper (artiste) getting overlooked by the industry.

The harsh realities of a young artiste in need of a break is captured by Fricky on the opening line: It’s funny how to make it you gotta make it a hit’, hitting home the point again at the latter stages of the song: Rap is just a game you get a name or be anonymous.

 Featuring Kwachi, who delivers the hook on the song, Fricky talks how QB gave up due to lack of clicks (on his Soundcloud); how he wants Tsetse to succeed, the dream of breaking  through and living the good life.

Fricky narrates the struggle of indie artistes desiring that big break, wanting to live their dream, be on stages making fans happy, living the good life not on half clutch but no clutches except a good break.

EAZZY – NA NA RMX Feat Stonebwoy


I don’t quiet remember which radio station I was listening to when I heard Eazzy’s Na Na (Remix) with Stonebwoy. I managed to get the song, listened to it and I’m loving it.

The reggae/dancehall groove is appealing and the lyrics about love and lustful feelings. I’ve always maintained that Eazzy’s greatest asset is her versatility and hearing her sing in patois effortlessly attest to it.

‘Pon the bed, pon the floor you a fi answer me/vibrations inna ya talk/I make you beg and plead/turn down the lights to you yell and scream/Eazzy slow it down’. Oh, Gosh!

As I indicated in my recent article on this blog on her (read here), Eazzy needs a good ghostwriter and direction to succeed. And on this song, I have a hunch that Stonebwoy ghostwrote this song for her. If true then I feel vindicated.  That nothwithsatnding, Na Na is my new jam.





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